The World's Ten Largest Gold Mining Corporations


10 #10 Yamana Gold Inc. – Canada

Market Cap: $8.5 Billion– 1.2 Million Ounces/Year

With operations in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, this company, although headquartered in Canada, produces exclusively in Latin America. Its biggest project, El Peñon in Chile, yields over 450,000 ounces annually.

9 #9 China National Gold Group – China


1.4 Million Ounces/Year

The only government-owned company on this list, China National Gold produces gold mainly in Tibet, Mongolia, and the Shandong province.  Because of its status as a non-traded company, its finances are not open to public viewing.

8 #8 Polyus Gold International – Russia

Market Cap: $ 4 Billion - 1.65 Million Ounces/Year

This company operates almost exclusively in Siberia, with most of its mines in the remote Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk regions.  With its only other project located in Kazakhstan, this company is Russian through and through. Its biggest mine is Olimpiada, which produces over 600,000 ounces annually.

7 #7 Goldfields Ltd. – South Africa


Market Cap: $3 Billion - 2 Million Ounces/Year

South Deep, the company’s flagship growth project near South Africa’s biggest city of Johannesburg, holds an incredible 84 million ounces of recoverable gold. This is also currently the world's second-largest active single gold deposit. The company also conducts major operations in Peru, Ghana, and Australia.

6 #6 Newcrest Mining – Australia

Market Cap: $8.5 Billion -  2.1 Million Ounces/Year

Newcrest extracted 600,000 ounces of gold in 2013 from its Lihir mine located on a remote island in Papua New Guinea. Cadia Valley near Sydney, Australia, also produces close to half a million ounces annually. Other major operations are in Western Australia, Indonesia and a smaller project in West Africa (Ivory Coast).

5 #5 Kinross Gold Corp. – Canada


Market Cap: $6.5 Billion - 2.63 Million Ounces/Year

With major operations in Ghana, Brazil, Russia, and Alaska, the company also mines gold in Nevada and Chile. Its Brazilian property, Paracuta, is the country’s biggest gold mine at more than 450,000 ounces of gold produced annually.

4 #4 Goldcorp Inc.  – Canada

Market Cap: $23 Billion– 2.67 Million Ounces/Year

Driven by 490,000 ounces of gold coming out of their Red Lake mine in northern Ontario, the company also operates in Nevada, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, and Argentina. Its Peñasquito mine in central Mexico produces about 400,000 ounces annually.


3 #3 AngloGold Ashanti –South Africa


Market Cap: $7 Billion - 4.1 Million Ounces/Year

Africa’s biggest gold producer, this company operates mines across the continent, including locations in Ghana, Namibia, Guinea, Mali, and Tanzania.  Not limited to one continent, however, AngloGold also produces gold in Australia, Colorado, and Colombia.

Its biggest revenue comes from six deep underground mines on home turf, which together churn out almost two million ounces annually. The company has seen its reputation suffer considerably after repeated major strikes from miners complaining of unfair treatment and low wages caused disruption of many of its South African operations.

2 #2 Newmont Mining Corp -  USA

Market Cap: $11.5 Billion– 5.1 Million Ounces/Year

Spanning four continents, this Colorado-based company gets a significant part of its annual production from 16 mines in Nevada, totaling close to two million ounces of gold extracted annually. It also has major operations in Peru, Ghana, Indonesia and Australia.

1 #1 Barrick Gold Corp.  - Canada


Market Cap: $20 billion – 7.16 Million Ounces/Year

This Toronto-based company is by far the biggest gold miner in the world. It operates on four continents, with major operations in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Nevada, and Australia. Curiously, it only operates one mine in Canada.

Its flagship property, the highly productive Cortez mine in Nevada, churns out over one million ounces annually. Although hit hard with a $10 billion operating loss in 2013 due to falling gold prices, the company is betting on future growth as soon as prices rebound.


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