The Least Expensive Franchises To Buy Into

Starting your own business is one way to work for yourself, while giving you the potential to make more money than you would working for someone else. However, coming up with a successful idea is one of the most opposing barriers. What you can do is start a franchise. You may think that franchises are out of your budget, but that may not be the case. Here are 10 least expensive franchises to buy in the world.


10 Disaster Kleenup International: $33,000

Disaster Kleenup International is a convenient franchise to own. The initial and total investment for DKI is $33,000. It is an insurance restoration service. This franchise is open to contractors. It gives you the opportunity to own your own piece of the business. In addition, you get thousands of contacts, worldwide, that you can market to.

9 Proforma: $20,000


Proforma is a business-to-business franchise that provides printing services. Investment is under $20,000. If you were to open a McDonald's, it could cost you upwards of $1 million. With Proforma, you would print forms, promotional products, and business items. You would be a salesperson persuading business owners through the benefits of your services. You don't have to own printers, you would contract the printing out to professional printers.

8 CompuChild: $20,000

CompuChild instructors teach schools, daycare, and community centers technology classes. The standards are based upon the International Society for Education in Technology. Investment starts at under $20,000. You can run the business from home, and you only need one employee. Currently, franchisees are wanted in all major cities.

7 Candy Bouquet International: $12,000


Candy Bouquet International began offering franchising opportunities in 1993. Investment costs start at under $12,000. Your business can be home based or have a store front. You combine candies and chocolates to emulate flower arrangements. In addition, you can use cookies, balloons, and stuffed animals. The franchise agreement is for five years, and it is renewable.

6 Cruise Planners/American Express: $10,000

Investment for Cruise Planners/American Express starts below $10,000. You would run a tour and travel agency from the comfort of your home, or office. You can work it full or part-time. You get a commission on all sales you make, as well as on sales for additional items such as insurance. Cruises are a profitable business because millions of tourists travel, and they are a cost-effective way of doing so.

5 Super Glass Windshield Repair: $10,000


Super Glass Windshield Repair offers investment costs for under $10,000. Drivers have accidents daily. This business can be run from home, and you only need one employee. Most insurance companies cover glass repair, so chasing clients for payments isn't normally an issue. In addition, they do allow for absentee ownership, which means, you can own the business, but hire someone else to run it.

4 Fiesta Auto Insurance: $10,000

Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax was launched in 1999 to serve the growing number of Hispanic communities and blue-collar workers. It was created in Southern California, specifically, in Huntington Beach. Insurance is offered for home, auto, rental, business, boats, and motorcycles. Tax preparation services are also available. You can buy a franchise, or convert your existing business to a Fiesta operation. Absentee ownership is not allowed. Investment in this franchise starts at under $10,000.


3 Travel Leaders: $3,600


Travel Leaders is a travel agency franchise that was originally started in 1872. It was created by Georges Nagelmackers, who built sleeping compartments for European trains. Georges then went on to create the Orient Express. There is a requirement of 10 employees in order to run this franchise. Investment starts at $3,600. Absentee ownership is not allowed. The franchise agreement starts at five years, which is renewable.

2 Jazzercise: $3,000

Jazzercise is a fitness franchise. You don't have to own a fitness studio to own one, although it may help. You can run the business out of your home. Investment starts at $3,000. There are two types of franchises, an instructor franchise, and a business franchise. As an instructor franchise, you train to become a certified instructor to teach classes. As a business franchise, you manage a team of certified instructors. There are even specialty junior classes that you can learn and teach.

1 Jan-Pro: $1,000


All businesses need cleaning services. Even in a recession, companies need cleaners. The cost of owning a Jan-Pro franchise starts at $1,000. Most of your clients would own office buildings and suites. The cleaning programs are tailored for each client. Jan-Pro is a recognized name. In addition, you get marketing and cleaning training. This business can be run from your home, or from an office.


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