The Five Best Social Media Sites For Businesses

Marketing is hugely important to the business world. For a business that wants to grow its customer base, there's little that’s more important than marketing. It is simply the best way for potential c

Marketing is hugely important to the business world. For a business that wants to grow its customer base, there's little that’s more important than marketing. It is simply the best way for potential clients and customers to learn about new businesses and products. Of course, the world of marketing has changed dramatically thanks to recent internet trends. Internet marketing has become one of the most important types of marketing for new businesses, so it is easy to see why so many businesses are hiring internet marketers onto their teams.

Social media marketing is the latest and greatest area for internet marketing, and companies have hired individuals exclusively for the purposes of creating social media campaigns. Beautiful videos, engaging posts, high-quality photos, and daily tweets, are a large part of these social ad campaigns. They rely on reaching users on social media sites and constantly engaging with them, heightening brand recognition through a feeling of connectivity.

Social media sites have made it easier for companies to conduct interactive marketing with their customers, offering familiar spaces where potential customers can see the products and services of a company. It has never been easier for companies to reach their target market with engaging and interactive ads.

There are obviously a few top social media sites that stand out above the rest. These are the sites that millions of people go to every day. When companies decide what social media sites they want to spend their time and energy marketing towards, they should focus on the sites that offer the best bang for their buck. Here are some of the top social media sites that offer effective spaces for companies’ marketing campaigns.

6 Vine - 40 Million Total Users

Vine is a newer social media platform, a place where short videos are able to be distributed to other users of the service. Vine is usually a good place for aspiring or already established comedians – a sort of audiovisual Twitter. Many vine videos are very funny, and it is a great place for comedians to show their skills in short format videos. Vine is a great place for comedians to gain a large following and show their comedic skills to the masses.

On the corporate end, some studies have shown that branded Vine videos receive four times as many views as a regular marketing video. What’s more, Vine videos are not left exclusively online. Television commercials, including ones aired during the Super Bowl, have been made using the Vine service. It’s a neat touch, and one that makes Vine a unique and solid social network for businesses of all sizes.

5 Instagram - 150 Million Monthly Active Users

Instagram is a social media sharing site where individuals can share their photos or videos, with users accessing the service with their mobile devices. The platform offers a social media site where users can take high-quality photos, and then add filters to them. By adding hashtags, users can throw their images into a mix of other images that have the same tag, and Instagram allows for users to tag other Instagram users and comment on their favorite photos.

Instagram makes it very simple for an individual or corporation to find an audience. By simply uploading great, high-quality photos with quirky or interesting captions, an account can build an Instagram presence that reaches thousands of followers daily. Of course, the competition is fierce, so most corporations opt to promote their ads on Instagram, expanding their reach even further (to mixed results, as seen in the image).

Instagram is a quick and easy way to promote to potential customers who are constantly using their smart phones. With mobile marketing taking on increasing importance, it is an important area to take into account with any social media marketing campaign.

4 Facebook - 1.19 Billion Monthly Active Users


Facebook is easily one of the most important social media sites on the internet today. The most populous social media site on the internet, Facebook allows for small and large businesses to run ads on the site, used to promote YouTube channels, websites, dedicated Facebook pages, or other important media outlets. The price of these ads is determined by unique impressions or by clicks, with Facebook working with advertisers to maintain a reasonable price for these ads.

Facebook users are also able to like businesses pages, with that business’ updates then delivered directly into their newsfeed. It’s a great way for companies to market directly to customers for their specific business. With over a billion users on the platform, using the reach offered by Facebook allows businesses and public figures access to a direct and effective marketing strategy unlike any other.

2 Pinterest - 70 Million Users

Pinterest has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Launched in 2010, it has over 70 million users, and is one of the most important networks for retailers, with nearly half a million Pinterest pages owned by businesses. Thanks to the platform’s high emphasis on attractive visuals, as well as the web-savvy demographic that uses the site, Pinterest is considered one of the best marketing platforms on the web. By some estimates, the site generates double the average sales value as Facebook, despite having far fewer users.

Pinterest is predominately populated by women, which means a higher emphasis is placed by companies on products marketed to women on the site. On average, there are 5 million “pins” posted every day. Pintrest was valued at $3.8 billion as of last October.

1 YouTube - 3 Billion Hours Of Video Watched Per Month

A strong argument could be made that YouTube is the most important social media site in the world today. Television stations, movie production companies, record distributors, and other corporations use YouTube daily to promote their new products and services.

The openness of the platform allows anyone, or any company, to post material to the site. Channels further that concept by grouping together all of an individual’s, or multiple individuals’, accounts together. What’s more, companies can buy ad space on YouTube, meaning their ads – which likely have their own space on the site – can show up in front of other videos, too.

The site is enormously popular, which is why many corporations are spending top dollar on YouTube ads. For individuals and small businesses as well, YouTube can be a great way to reach the masses, getting fresh ideas and faces out to the world. With YouTube in nearly every country now, it’s easier than ever to find worldwide influence with even one video going viral.

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