The 10 Scariest Product Recalls

Living in a society where we're constantly buying and purchasing material needs and wants, it’s safe to say that there are a couple of possible hiccups now and then. Sure, the word “hiccups” doesn't sound like that bad of a word; when it involves just missing a toy accessory in an action figure set, or jewelry that ended up being fake, but when it comes to things like a missing part in a car, or a toxic ingredient added to a popular device at home, that can get pretty scary.

Throughout the United States’ years, there have been plenty of pretty terrible recalls that caused a lot of panic, and in some cases, horrible tragedies. In this list, you'll find some of the most terrifying recalls ever made in history, and their terrible outcomes. Make sure you take some notes next time you make an important purchase, and know the companies past history.

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10 Roman Blinds

You wouldn't think blinds are a scary purchase; until you realize that the blind cords are extremely hazardous to young children. In 2009, a huge recall was issued for Roman Blinds after many children were reported killed from being strangled by these cords. 50 million sets were recalled after it was reported that five children had passed, and sixteen more were nearly strangled before they were saved. Next time you purchase a new set of blinds, make sure they are approved by the Window Covering Safety Council.

9 Stroller Recall

Britax, of January this year, had to recall almost 200,000 baby strollers after declaring that the stroller had a “partial finger amputation hazard”, so if you want to take your baby for a walk, and don't want to lose a finger, better return this ridiculous product. The hinge on the stroller’s folding mechanism seemed to be malfunctioning, and resulted in one reported case of an amputated finger, along with many broken finger reported injuries. Sounds like bonding with your baby got a whole lot scarier.

8 Shower Door Shatter

How many of us would love the surprise of our shower door suddenly shattering while we're taking our normal shower? Yeah, didn't think any would raise our hands on this one. However, Kohler Co. figured this out a little too late, when many reports came in of glass embedded in people’s skin, and a need for surgery after glass broke their skin. Who knew how vulnerable you could be while you took a shower?

7 GM SUV’s

One of the latest recalls to hit the news, is GM’s massive recall to their SUV’s, under the new CEO, Mary Barra. GM recalled more than 7 million vehicles that reported to have a malfunction when registering correct fuel levels. This isn't GM’s first “hiccup” either; a couple months earlier, GM was reported having to recall 3 million cars with a faulty ignition switch, causing the key to turn to any gear in the car (while in motion), leading to a cut in engine power, and 13 deadly reported crashes. Looks like GM has some explaining to do.

6 36 Million Pounds of Turkey

Food can always be a little sketchy to buy at some periods in time, especially for the Cargill Company that had a recall four years earlier. Cargill was then in trouble in 2012, for a recall in ground turkey that was being distributed; 76 illnesses, and one death spanning 26 states were reported after consuming their ground turkey, after discovering it was covered in bacteria.

5 Tylenol Tampering

With a brand name like Tylenol, it can be a little hard to believe that at one point, they had a huge scare. After seven deaths reported in the Chicago area in 1982, Tylenol issued a massive recall for their Extra-Strength Tylenol that seemed to have been tampered with (the case was never solved). The popular, over the counter drug, was laced with potassium cyanide; an extremely toxic chemical. This caused world-wide panic, and resulted in copycats! The FDA mandated a new tamper-proof seal for over the counter drugs, to stop any reoccurrences.

4 Cantaloupe Catastrophe

In 2011, the world’s deadliest food borne illness since its 25 years prior, was taking place. A third party participle travelled to Jensen Farms in Colorado, and scored them a “superior” grade in safety and cleanliness. After the scoring, thirty deaths and 146 illnesses were reported after consuming their cantaloupes. It was discovered by the FDA two months after the outbreak, that Jensen Farms stopped using antibacterial washes, and had positive samples listeria bacteria on the equipment and fruit.

3 Generation 2 Worldwide Cribs

One of the most terrible recall tragedies included a false manufacturing of baby cribs in 2010, resulting in the drop side to unhinge, and lock the baby in-between the mattress and the crib.  Resulting in one death, and hundreds of injuries, Generation 2 Worldwide decided to recall their one million cribs before any more tragic deaths were brought upon families.

2 Bridgestone/Firestone Inc Tire Recall

One of the most horrific automobile recalls in history included the Bridgestone/Firestone tires that seemed to include their treads peeling off, resulting in them blowing out, which could end up having the car roll over. There were a reported 175 deaths, and more than 700 injuries linked to the massive recall (involving 6.5 million tires).

1 Ford Pintos

One of the oldest cases with pretty terrible recalls, includes the 1978 Ford Pinto, after evidence showed that the mechanics of the gas tank could be easily susceptible to an explosion if there ever were to be a rear-end collision. Ford knew about the problem, but decided to push through with the sales anyway; the recall was issued after a reported three deaths, millions of people were angered to find out that Ford knew the problem, but decided not to fix it. The Pinto established a nickname of “the barbeque seat for four”, a terrible way to invent one of the most horrific recalls in America’s history.

Knowledge is power; and knowing the recalls that have been issued throughout the years in this country can really benefit you when you make your next purchases, or remodel in your home. It’s always a little scary to find out that our daily purchases can have some bad consequences if the equipment or the preparation of the product wasn't handled properly. Hopefully this list inspired you to be well informed in the future; and stay away from anything that can spontaneously cut off your finger.

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