The 10 Coolest Places To Work

When most people think of office buildings rows of cubicles, fluorescent lighting and lots of beige walls come to mind. These dull spaces can put even the most ambitious employees into a work induced coma. The 9-5 workaholic culture can actually decrease productivity enough that new innovative companies are adopting a new approach to make work a fun experience. Creating a lighter atmosphere and adding in some unconventional job perks can change a boring day at work to a fun place employees want to go back to each morning. Innovative office spaces can inspire creativity in employees and encourage more participation and ideas from workers. The lighter atmosphere brings people together and people feel more included than hidden away in a cubicle shut off from the outside world.  Fun offices make employees feel more valued and a part of the company.

Color can change the mood of an office space. White, grey or beige walls can be boring and make people feel sluggish or tired, while bright colors can bring on happier feelings and emotions. Some colors like light orange can have a calming, relaxing aspect to them and yellow can make someone feel happier.

Tech companies are the most likely to use fun innovative spaces that break down the office norm. Fun environments are part of the culture and recruiting process for these big companies who want young bright minds to join the workforce. Google is known for its cool atmosphere and fun job perks, and it can be seen demonstrated in the movie The Internship. Fun colors and open concept designs are the least of the new cutting edge designs at some of these big companies, where a day at the office might take on a whole new meaning.

10. Human Healthy Vending

Human Healthy Vending is a cool innovative company looking to improve and help find easy healthy alternatives to typical quick snacks. The company has a bright, high energy office with cool sound proof rooms designed to look like telephone booths open to employees, and free healthy snacks and even a ping pong table. Employees are expected to work hard but have the freedom to follow through with their own ideas to improve the company. The company has moved from just healthy vending machine options to putting quality foods into schools and making them more accessible to everyone.

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9 Autodesk

Autodesk is the company behind the leading app Sketchbook, and professional 3D animation design. The company opened a unique office last year on San Francisco's Pier 9. The showcase office is floating right on the Bay and has very unusual creative aspects like a swinging conference table that is named Scylla after the multiple headed sea monster in Greek mythology. The coolest things happen in the workshop which all employees have access to, that includes seven 3D printers and a state of the art metal shop. Employees can take classes on how to use the equipment and are encouraged to create anything from their imagination and bring it to life.

8 Edelman

Edelman is a leading Public Relations Firm that expands the relationships between companies and the people using social media and the latest technology. The headquarters are located in Chicago Illinois and offer unique modern designs. There is an open concept design and even the CEO has a cubicle like every other employee. The space has a high energy atmosphere with a creative flare. A day at the office is always different and inspiring.

7 Groupon

Groupon added color and a modern design to their offices in Chicago. Employees can take a seat in the tree trunk in an exotic forest themed space. There's something surprising around every corner to inspire workers and keep them happy. The space has a carnival themed fun zone, complete with swings, a huge cat in a floating spaceship sculpture and a tiki hut. No details are left ignored, real moss can be found on the hobbit house and the texture of the redwood forest is real. The cat even has a tail that hangs off the back of the spaceship.

6  6. Facebook

Facebook's first office space was a single room above a Chinese restaurant and the company might have expanded but still resembles the feel of its earlier start up days. The company still has graffiti art on the walls, free snacks and drinks available everywhere and cubicles are non-existent. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg's office looks the same as all the others. Facebook's new campus is laid out like a mini city with a paved road that runs down the middle connecting employees to a candy shop, dentist, barbershop, doctors office, gym, and video game arcade. All the services are free or almost free. Shared bikes are parked under every tree for employee use. Unlike the Google campus, Facebook has walls and curious people can't wander around and employees can't leave whenever they want. The services are monitored and checked with employee productivity.

5 Box

Box's headquarters in Los Altos, California have taken a playful approach to traditional seating. The company outfitted their office with swings hanging from the ceiling. The office space is so sleek it almost doesn't look like a workplace. A blue lounge contradicts the yellow office space. A two-story spiral slide descends to the lobby but employees have to take off their shoes and yell 'all clear' before going down.  The slide resembles the likes of an old McDonald's play space. There's no shortage of fun at this office building.

4 Infosys

Infosys was founded in 1981 by seven people with $250 and was the first company to successfully provide computer services in India. The training facility cost $120 million and has been referred to as a combination of Disney World, Club Med and a modern American university. The benefits include a giant pool, hair salon, spa, movie theater and a high tech bowling alley located in the most beautiful landscapes. The facility can train 13,500 employees every three months and has housing for 10 thousand trainees and teaching staff. The facility draws in higher quality job candidates with lower salaries.

3 Microsoft

the Microsoft office in Vienna was built in 2011 and cost the company $3.6 million. The building has themed conference rooms, including one decorated like a hunting lodge and another like a trip to the ocean. The coolest feature may be the massive reception room with a green wall with different types of plants and a floor to ceiling x-ray of a computer.  For added fun factors there is a two-story slide with a bunch of cube cushions. The company expands almost 15 thousand square feet and was designed by Innocad Architektur.

2 Google

Its no surprise Google makes the list of fun work environments. The search engine giant is known for fostering creative minds with some of the most unlikely job perks. One of the highlights in their California headquarters is a slide so employees can opt to slide down from one story to the next instead of the stairs. Google has a fun atmosphere and even a pet friendly policy where employees can take their dog to work. All-you-can eat food and drink is available and even an adult size ball pit. To help relieve stress employees can take a break in one of the famed napping pods and catch a few Z's.

1  1. Epic Systems Corp.

Epic is an electronic medical records company located in Verona, Wisconsin. The unique features of the companies headquarters include a hallway that takes after a New York City subway, complete with painted on doors and windows to seem like the subway is moving.  The privately owned corporation has 6,300 employees and each employee gets their own office workspace but when pressed for a change they can wander the halls and take in the great works of art. Epic is known for its artwork collection which includes an Elvis Presley and Cat in the Hat sculptures, a Grand Central Station corridor, and a Dungeons and Dragons drawbridge. If the artwork isn't inspiring enough the bright colors and modern design.

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