The 10 Best Companies To Work For In 2015

Since job markets all over the world are heating up, the hunt for top talent is on. Workers have more options now than they ever did. So which employers are offering the best perks and pay in 2015?

We've narrowed down the best companies from around the world, so after reading this, you may want to update your resume and submit one or two for a new job. This list answers the questions many workers think about when they get a job such as what the pay is, what extra incentives and perks are available, how they are treated and if the vending machine even works (snacks are important!).

Some of the results probably may not surprise you, but some may have you questioning your career path.

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10 Costco Wholesale

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Even as a customer, you feel like you're in good hands with the exclusive membership that gets you your groceries at lower prices. But for the employees working in over 620 Costco Wholesale Corp. warehouses around the world, they are treated like family.

Costo provides employees with exciting opportunities, stability, and superb benefits. Employees who are starting out in the warehouses can move up to the corporate offices since many of their management teams are promoted within the company.

The average employee earns around $20 per hour, and they have company-sponsored healthcare. Even during the recession, Costco started a $1.50 per hour raise. Costco doesn't even require its employees to work on Thanksgiving Day!

9 Procter & Gamble

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The fresh smell of laundry from Tide, the endless Pampers diapers you've gone through as a parent or babysitter and the relief of Head & Shoulders shampoo all have one common denominator: Procter & Gamble. It's not simply the quantity of products they offer, but also the quality that makes P&G so reliable.

One of the cooler aspects of working for P&G is that you can start at any brand anywhere in the world and transfer to another one without having to start all over again.

P&G offers a very generous Tuition Reimbursement Plan that is geared for employees that are in school studying something related to their position in the company. It reimburses around 80 percent of tuition and qualifying fees with a lifetime cap of $40,000.

Plus, their employees own a good chunk of P&G. In fact, the employees own over a quarter of the company. Some employees on Glassdoor mentioned that their shares were up to five percent of their annual salary. You would be set for life, not only with the products but with such amazing plans geared towards employee satisfaction.

8 Twitter

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"Welcome to Flight School" is probably one of the first phrases that new employees at Twitter may hear when they come for their orientation to the social media network's headquarters in San Franciso.

Among other orientation activities, they learn about Birdhouse shout-outs, which are Tweets that are sent out from one employee to another for being recognized for something good. Onsite, the employees have perks like free yoga and improv classes, and all the food you can eat.

With a CEO that was an exec at Google before, Dick Costolo brings that influence loud and clear to the social media giant. Twice a month, Costolo gets all of the employees in an open area near the company's cafeteria for "tea times". These tea times are set up to update employees on company milestones and goals, answer questions from the workers and highlight popular tweets and events captured on Twitter. Questions are answered, numbers and stats are explained and it's a simple conversation with the head boss. Who wouldn't love that?

7 L'Oreal

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Young workers levitate towards one of the world's biggest beauty brands, L'Oreal, which has Kiehl's, Maybelline, Urban Decay and Clarisonic under its umbrella. This leaves employees with the chance at working many different jobs with various brands while staying within L'Oreal.

There's no beauty question that L'Oreal can't answer, and it keeps up with its innovations with research centers and testing new technologies but with its employees as well. The company lets any employee submit an idea about the business. This means that if a worker has an idea about a new sunscreen or lipstick, as an employee for L'Oreal, the idea can be presented to the higher-ups.

There are great benefits like flexible work options, adoption assistance, paternity leave and most importantly — discounts on the products. In Europe, business students and recent grads are brushing up on their knowledge of business and passion for makeup to join the L'Oreal empire.

6 Nestlé

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Well of course working at a company that's responsible for some of the most famous chocolate brands sounds too sweet. How about having the chance to move up in your job, too?

Nestlé's policy is to promote people from within, so new hires can move around and gain experience within the company and move on to bigger roles. Imagine switching over from the commercial side of the company right into sales and marketing.

To make the deal even more delicious, it's believed that you can get discounts on the products. Besides the products, Nestlé offers a discount program for its employees that includes discounts on vacation, travel, cell phone bills, eating out, movie tickets, electronics and even buying a new car.


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IBM isn't just grunt work for everyone that works there; it's very rewarding. The company believes in having everyone's ideas heard and valued. It's what fuels their employees to conduct critical cancer research and coming up with ways to make incredible new stadiums like the one for the Atlanta Falcons.

The offices and departments sit down once a week to discuss what's working and what's not in any of the projects they have on the go. IBM also offers a travel program where employees can go to other offices around the world for periods of times. Plus, the company offers discounts and financing to help pay off loans.

4 Goldman Sachs

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Who would hate having a banker-size paycheck? No one. Goldman Sachs is known to be "the place" for power brokers, but its's also known for great benefits and paychecks.

For those who believe that the people working for Goldman Sachs must be workaholics that slave for hours a day, well, they're right. But these employees are pampered for their hard work.

The investment bank offers formal training programs for new hires before they dive into work, and it also has mentorship programs that lead to talks with leaders from a range of sectors. Goldman Sachs also offers flexible working arrangements. The company also pays time off for people who volunteer.

Perks don't stop there; there are also onsite medical facilities. In New York and New Jersey, these centers provide primary care, women's health, orthopedics, dermatology, physical therapy and prescription drug delivery. The company also has on-site gyms in New York, New Jersey, and Chicago. On top of that, the offices also have wicked cafeterias.

3 Riot Games

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For anyone who loves video games, it's hard not to sometimes daydream about what it would be like to work for a place that develops them.

Riot Games not only offers 21 days of holidays, but you can take as much vacation time as you'd like and you could be as sick as long as you could stomach for since they don't have a cut off on either kind of days.

Best known for the best-selling video game League of Legends, Riot Games holds an event know as "We Riot" every year. The company flies its employees from offices from around the world to Seoul. There, they had a week of activities including the 2014 League of Legends World Championships.

The company also has a "Play Fund" where employees can spend up to $300 on other video games throughout the year. Even though Riot works hard, they play hard too but it's never just a game to them. Their site mentions that they have memes in presentations, and squirt guns at "Show & Tell". They even have an arcade and company events like movie screenings and board game nights.

2 Microsoft

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When the interns love it on their first day at Microsoft, you can only expect big things from the huge tech company. Interns get to work along with senior staff on interesting projects, from Halo to HoloLense. That's pretty enticing but not as much as what the company provides.

The perks range from an on-campus salon and mini spa, 11 different restaurants, a bank, retail stores, dry cleaning drop-off, soccer, cricket and obviously playing Xbox with your coworkers. It doesn't stop just there, though. There are also 33 cafes, 37 espresso stands, full-service gym membership that's paid for, doctors who make house calls, and 55 Wi-Fi and power enabled couches.

If you need a ride to get to work, the company has shuttles for employees, too. Need to charge up your car? Well, employees have access to electric car charging stations and serious discounts on Microsoft products. Are you sold yet?

1 Google

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Google has made it to No. 1 on Fortune's 100 Best Companies List for six years in a row and for good reason. Their employees are blessed since working for Google becomes a status symbol, partly because it is a prestigious job but also because of the perks.

Besides having on-site fitness centers, free snacks and drinks as well as healthy lunches, the gigantic company recently announced it's new plan for expecting parents, which gives them up to twelve weeks of fully paid baby time and provides $500 for "Baby Bonding Bucks".

At the headquarters, employees can get their hair cut free of charge, go for a swim, play ping pong, billiards or foosball. If an employee is stressed out, they can indulge in a massage, too. Google employees and their families are covered with travel insurance and emergency assistance on personal vacations.

Plus, if you are going to school, Google will reimburse you if your degree or program is related to your work at the company. Also, if you ever find yourself in a legal bind, you can get legal advice at no cost or at a generous discount.

The Google campus is a home for its employees even though they technically can't live there. From doing your laundry, taking naps and bringing your dog to work, you will be set at Google. As if all that wasn't enough, the company offers ski trips, movie days, summer picnics, parties, roller hockey, outdoor volleyball courts and has a credit union on site.

Google strives to make their employees happy but they've excelled at making them feel like they are working in a paradise. Who would want to go home after working there?


Sources: forbes.com, fortune.com

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