Japan Airlines makes $9.5 Billion Order for new Airbus Planes

Challenging the dominance that Boeing has had in Japan, Airbus announced on Monday that a $9.5 billion dollar deal had been announced, with Japan Airlines, which is the first order that has been placed with the carrier. There are 31 planes being ordered in total, and are set to hit the air in 2019. About 18 of these are long haul planes, and 13 A350-1000s were ordered; in addition to the 31 planes that were ordered as a part of the deal, a contingency with an option to buy an additional 25 planes has also been added to the terms of the contract that was signed.

As soon as Japan Airlines replaced the Boeing fleet, the new planes are set to take flight in 2019. Although Boeing is still the top leader in Japan, this is a major blow for the aircraft manufacturer, and it is a large deal that the U.S. manufacturer is going to lose with this new deal.

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Japan Airlines makes $9.5 Billion Order for new Airbus Planes