Apple Becomes the Worlds Most Valuable Brand

Interbrand has found that many noteworthy brand names are worth billions based off of their revenues, public awareness levels and how prevalent they are in multiple countries around the world. Coca-Cola has fallen from its first place standing for the first time ever as Apple has taken over.

It's estimated that the Apple brand is worth about $98.3 billion. This is about 28% higher than what its value was in 2012.

Coca-Cola still has a strong value in that it is worth $79.2 billion. This brand value from Interbrand is 2% higher than what it was last year.

The top five brands in the study all have values of $50 billion or more. Google went up 34% to have a value of $93 billion while IBM and Microsoft have respective values of $78.8 billion and $59.5 billion. McDonald's GE and Cisco are near the top five as well. The Gap was in last place on the study at 100th with a respectable $3.9 billion value.

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Apple Becomes the Worlds Most Valuable Brand