6 Companies With Amazing And Fun Benefits

Everybody wants a job with great benefits, right? Sure we do. We all want basic things like healthcare and such, but what if I told that some companies have benefits that are a little more… unique? A little more… out there.

The fact is, some companies do have crazy neat benefits for working for them. Does free candy sound like neat benefit? Obviously it does! Who doesn’t want free candy, after all? But that’s just the tip of the employee benefits iceberg.

Some companies dish out for free babysitting. Others deliver groceries to your house (free of charge), and others will pay for you to have life coaches. You’d be amazed at what some companies will provide for their workers, and it really goes to show that some companies really care for them.

A lot of companies have the type of benefits you’d kind of guess they’d have. For instance, a snowboarding company would have - you guessed it, snowboarding-related benefits. Or a health food based company will have food or fitness based benefits, which is pretty much as you’d expect.

But you won’t be able to determine any logical reason for some of these crazy benefits, other than just straight up being really fun (the ball pits come to mind…), so don’t go thinking that you’ll be able to predict all of the upcoming benefits you’re going to read about. But that’s okay, because half the fun is in the unexpected, right?

Now that we've got that out of the way, let’s go ahead and see what all the commotion’s about. It’s going to be a real eye-opener to see that some companies actually try to make work more enjoyable for their workers. And hey, maybe it’ll make you more interested in working for these great companies as well.

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6 Discovery Communications

Who among us hasn’t watched something on Discovery Channel before? What about something on TLC?  Or Animal Planet? All of them are brands of Discovery Communication, which pretty much makes them an authority on all things animal.

What kinds of benefits do they have? You might think they only care about animal welfare, but their employees are the ones who really benefit healthcare wise. They have a company health center which is stocked with primary healthcare doctors and prescriptions as well, making your health easy to handle. There’s also an onsite child-care center, which is great for the parents out there.

And there's another neat benefit as well - African dance classes. And that's just one of many classes you can take, as well.

5 Facebook

Even if you aren’t one of the millions of people using Facebook, you probably know at least five people who do. That’s how big Facebook is, and when you’ve got a such a huge user base then you need a lot of employees to handle the upkeep (which in Facebook’s case is huge).

And the thing with Facebook is this - it spares no expense when it comes to their employees. First of all, Facebook employees get a ton of free amenities, such as free:

1. Food2. Gym access3. Transportation4. Dry cleaning5. Bike repair

What else? They also provide thousands in free cash to help employees with child care, adoption fees, and even if you’ve recently become parents. I guess the real question is this - what don’t they provide employees with?

4 Asana

Asana is a web application design company that created a product to help “enable teamwork without email.” It’s founded by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, so you probably can kind of guess that the perks of this company will be just as interesting as Facebook’s.

If I had to describe Asana's benefits in one word, it’d be this: lifestyle. Take a look at these benefits and you’ll see:

1. Free yoga sessions2. Home-cooked organic meals for lunch and dinner3. Executive and life coaching4. $10,000 to customize your workspace

…See? They want employees to be happy, healthy, and to live with purpose, which is something not every company can claim (let alone prove through amazing benefits).

3 Burton

Burton is a snowboarding company, so you can kind of guess what kind of cool benefits they provide their employees with.

Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way, they offer; free season passes for all employees; a yearly party for snowboarding, beer, and bbq; freedom to test new products early; and discounts on Burton gear.

Pretty sweet, right? But there’s something you wouldn’t be able to guess - a dog friendly office. I wonder if it's possible not to enjoy working there?

2 Clif Bar

Clif bar is a company that makes tasty energy bars for athletes on the go. This company does a great job of providing benefits that are eco-friendly as well.

First, you’ve got the “convenience” services. What does that entail? Haircuts, dry cleaning, laundry, car washes, etc. Though not free, it makes life that much easier to not have to drive every which way after work to handle those errands. In addition, there are also massage services available as well.

Clif Bar also rewards employees who think green. You can receive real cash (up to $500) for biking to work at least twice a month, and up to $1,000 to help pay for eco-friendly home appliances (solar panels, etc.)

And to make sure employees really understand how to manage their money, financial literacy classes are available as well.

1 Google

Ahhh, Google. Good old Google is possibly the benefits jackpot, nothing less than you’d expect from the monster corporation I suppose. Nearly everybody who uses the internet is a Google user. Most of us probably even have Google as our homepage, so we see and use it every day. Just what kinds of benefits could such a company offer to its employees?

Let’s talk about the free amenities first, there’s free:

1. Meals and snacks2. Haircuts3. Dry cleaning4. Legal advice5. Massages6. Yoga7. Car washes

What else? There’s learning workshops, where you can learn how to do woodwork and welding. They have regular guest speakers, all of which are pretty famous (like president Obama for instance). And one of the most impressive benefits is this - death benefits, up to five years salary spread over 10 years.

That last one really says a lot about Google and their relationship with their employees, and it shines a good light on them. Oh, and they have another awesome benefit:  ball pits.

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