51: Kickstarter

Let's start at the beginning. No list of crowdfunding sites is complete without the website that defined the concept. Kickstarter is a beautiful thing. Creators post their projects and offer potential backers – not investors – a reward for their donations. Everyone likes a reward, but donations usually come

from people who just want the product to exist. Of course, quite often the reward is a discounted or special version of the backed product.

While it seems to be most successful with creative and media companies, Kickstarter's mission is that of helping people make things they wish existed. The spirit of Kickstarter is less, “Let's get rich,” and more, “Let's make dreams real.” But some very profitable ideas have been born thanks to Kickstarter investors, and Kickstarter funded projects that get big community support often exceed their funding goals many times over.

FUNDING TYPE: All Or Nothing – the creator doesn't get any money unless the funding goals are met. When the goals are met, Kickstarter takes a small cut.

STRENGTH: Social – people back you because they want the project to be fulfilled. If they want it to happen, they'll share the project with other potential backers.

SUCCESS RATE: Amazing - 44% of projects have been successfully funded!

SECRET TO YOUR SUCCCESS: Appeal to nerds, or have celebrity support. Having both pretty much makes your project a sure thing.

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