10 Odd Ways Companies Misused Celebs To Sell Products

Pantene or Nike, commercials have always been one of the greatest factors when it comes to selling products. These adverts keep getting bigger and more ambitious as the years go by. Clothes, apartments, fake bosoms, people (not even joking here), all seem to need these commercials now. As a matter of fact, it has come to such a state that even if you wished to sell your rags, you would need to blab about how fashionable/trendy/in-demand they are.

In the current generation, almost no company makes adverts that don’t have a peek of a celebrity or two in them. The more famous the celebrity is, the better the products are hoped to do in sales. A perfect example, McDonald’s supposedly asked a handful of hip-hop singers to mention their products in their songs. However, a few NGOs decided that the franchise had already gone out of hand, promoting child obesity. As a result, their efforts were gone to waste. Just like poor McDonald’s, many other companies have tried to misuse celebrities to sell their products, such as the ones mentioned below.

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10 Michael Jackson - Collectibles

A performer known for his pop music, Michael Jackson is without a doubt a legend. However, allow us to point out that this man with his sick dance moves (Moonwalking all the way to the gates of heaven, baby!) is very much deceased. Therefore, it is tough to figure out why one must sell items with his face plastered all over them. Well, there were a few Japanese companies who did exactly that.

As it is, the said celebrity’s dad was facing the horrors of being sued, only because he wanted to sell perfumes under the name of Michael. Now, the Michael Jackson estate is suing the Japanese companies: Michael Jackson Enterprises, Michael Jackson World (tacky much?) and Michael Jackson Asian Rights. All for selling lighters, postcards and towels.

9 Rihanna - T-shirts

The happening singer has a lot up her sleeve, as we have seen the past few years. We are speaking of Rihanna, of course. Apparently, she has several people in the world who have her face splattered across their chests. Topshop is a company based in the United Kingdom that took up the initiative to produce these t-shirts.

Of course, Rihanna decided to sue the company, receiving about 5 million dollars. Quick buck? Half the public doesn’t thinks so, accusing her of specifically picking out Topshop. The public believes that there are probably hundreds of other entities that sell clothing items with pictures of Rihanna on them.

8 Dr. Oz - Green Coffee


When you are an organization that sells food products and you manage to get sued for something by the FTC, you know you are most certainly in a tight spot. The Pure Green Coffee company assumed it was okay to steal footage from Dr. Oz’s show, where he was speaking of the benefits of green coffee. Supposedly, the coffee helps you burn the fats in your body. See why people would be interested in this?

Pure Green Coffee used the footage in their promotional videos on a number of websites. Needless to say, interested customers went cray-cray, especially the ones who religiously follow Dr. Oz’s green-signaled products. It’s no wonder that people who commit cyber crimes are taken too seriously. If we have our information right, the company will now have to pay in millions to make up for the mistake. On a different note, we do feel a teensy bit sorry for Pure Green Coffee; all they wanted to do is sell coffee.

7 Katherine Heigl - Pharmacy


A pharmacy franchise that could be found all over the United States, Duane Reade made the wrong move, picking up a fight with mean girl, Katherine Heigl. The stunning and feisty blonde was seen heading out of the store, and naturally, some fool took a picture. Duane Reade then used this photo to try and advertise their franchise. Wrong move!

As of now, Katherine has already sued them. It seems that Duane Reade had stated something along the lines of: “Even Katherine Heigl can’t get enough of us!”. Katherine was upset, as it gave the impression that she was sponsoring them.

6 Marilyn Monroe - Collectibles


Posters, t-shirts, key chains and other collectibles of Marilyn Monroe have been circulating around for years now. Honestly, it seems as if she signed herself off to the public before she passed away. Companies have been issuing and producing these keepsakes, making profits from them in millions, and each company would state that money is being paid to the Marilyn Monroe estate. But since she’s dead, what good is the money? We fail to comprehend.

Recently, the court has stated that Marilyn Monroe’s image cannot be used without her consent. The officials concluded that the so-called money she received (all of it went to her heirs actually) was wrongly achieved. Let’s slow-clap for the court, shall we? Took them long enough to realize Marilyn’s rights.

5 Julia Roberts & George Clooney - Audio/Visuals


An adorable pair, Julia Roberts and George Clooney have appeared together in the movie, Ocean’s Eleven. Seen at award ceremonies, the two look like they are great friends, often sitting together at some table. However, the two were furious to discover two audio/visual companies advertising themselves with the likeliness of the said celebrities.

Apparently, Digital Projection, Inc. and Beyond Audio Inc. used large photos of George and Julia, brainwashing the public to buy expensive entertainment systems, projectors and much more. Maybe the customers had assumed that the hotshot pair have started their own audio/visual business.

4 Princess Diana - Souvenirs


Starting from just four months after her death, Princess Diana’s family found her face all over the world. It was there in key chains, porcelain figurines… and on plates. Our guess is that Diana’s family was invited to some place for dinner, only to find themselves trying to eat off the said celebrity’s face. That must’ve meant nightmares for them for the rest of the month.

Despite filing lawsuits against the various companies producing the souvenirs, Princess Diana’s family could not put a stop to this. The Charity Commission had put out a law preventing the entities responsible, which were unfortunately ignored. Unlike Marilyn Monroe, this celebrated woman was definitely not getting her imaginary payments either.

3 Oprah Winfrey - Açaí Products


According to countless researchers, açaí is great for the human body. This famous berry can be found in the Brazilian rainforest, linked to anti-aging properties. Supposedly, these properties have been extracted and dumped inside bottles and tubes of creams and pills. Also, according to certain companies, the açaí berry is the sole reason behind Oprah Winfrey’s weight loss. “Preposterous”, she has said!

Açaí products are being sold in shops, markets, and are even being sold online as of today. According to a count, 53 new açaí products have emerged recently. Great or not, these products are using the names of Oprah and Dr. Oz to increase sales. Rachael Ray’s name has also been dragged into the situation, probably because she shed all those pounds. At the end of the day, all three celebrities were found furiously shaking their heads to the claims made by the different açaí product companies.

2 Amy Adams - Valentino Bag


As we know, Philip Seymour passed away about a year ago, leaving many other celebrities devastated. At his wake, Amy Adams was present, sporting a handbag from Valentino. Now, as much as ladies are known to adore the brand, the stunt that was pulled off by Valentino was rather cheap.

Purportedly, Valentino sent a press release bragging about the fact that Amy had one of their handbags at the wake. Without a doubt, Amy was furious about it, as it seemed inconsiderate and rude. However, she did not sue the company for that, eventually receiving an apology from them. Nicely done, Valentino.

1 Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Sinclair, Barbara Walters & Dr. Oz – Resveratrol Products


Red wines and grapes have helped researchers find a chemical compound that has the public on their feet; with anticipation and excitement, of course! It looks like scientists have found a connection between the chemical and life (it is said to increase your lifespan). Known as Resveratrol, this compound is now the reason why Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Sinclair, Barbara Walters and Dr. Oz are losing sleep.

It was reported that not only was the Internet blowing up with people wishing to learn about Resveratrol, they were also promoting it in every way possible: including selling Resveratrol pills. In the United States, there were several companies who pretended like Oprah, Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Oz personally came up to them and whispered, “Go ahead, sell these little suckers. They’re the bomb”. We suppose it was a good day for all Resveratrol-obsessed people. Also, anyone else notice how Dr. Oz’s name has popped up the third time? That man is on a row!

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