UK’s Biggest Lottery Winners Ever

  The winner of this Friday's EuroMillions jackpot, if there is one, will bag a tasty £166 million - around three times more than a Brit has ever won from the lottery. With an estimated thr


The winner of this Friday's EuroMillions jackpot, if there is one, will bag a tasty £166 million - around three times more than a Brit has ever won from the lottery.

With an estimated three million tickets set to be bought by hopeful punters, we thought we'd take a look at those Brits that have struck lucky in the past, and what many of them did with the money.


Here is the official list of the 10 biggest UK lottery winners to date:

9 Butcher's family carve up £20 million jackpot

Ten years ago, a syndicate set up by butcher Walter Cross (pictured, middle) were the sole winners of a £20 million payout.

The money was shared between Cross, his wife and son, his wife's mother and two co-workers.

8 Benson family’s bittersweet £20 million win

The Benson family had the best and worst luck back in 1995.

Having discovered they'd won the £20 million jackpot, the family home was then burgled while they were on their way to collect their winnings.

While they obviously had the money to replace most of what was taken, they could not replace items of sentimental value, including a pearl necklace dad Terry had bought his wife Brenda on their 30th wedding anniversary.

Following a plea for information, some of the stolen property was later recovered.

7 Iris Jeffrey’s £20.1 million jackpot

In a heartwarming story, 58-year-old Iris Jeffrey won £20.1 million back in 2004, just months after being diagnosed with cancer.

Jeffrey only discovered she'd won three weeks after the draw took place. Having seen an appeal on TV for the winner to come forward, Jeffrey checked her ticket and made the wonderful discovery.

The married mother of two's first purchase was reported to have been a washing machine. Hopefully her spending has become a little more adventurous over the years.

6 £22.5 million for double glazers

Of course, winning the lottery doesn't guarantee you happiness.

When double-glazing businessman Mark Gardiner and his business partner shared a then-record £22.5 million payout back in 1995, Gardiner set off on a massive spending spree that included five houses for friends and seven Aston Martins. He also gave away about £750,000.

However, Gardiner claimed in a 2008 interview that the money had ruined many friendships and resulted in years of misery.

5 Pensioner scoops £24.95 million

74-year-old Brian Caswell got the surprise of his life when he took his lottery ticket to his local newsagent and discovered he'd won a shade under £25 million.

But far from planning a lavish spending spree, Caswell said he and his wife would not move far from their modest home in Bolton.

They were, however, considering buying some stables where the extended family could live together.

£26.1 million for family syndicate

For many people, winning the lottery can massively change their life for the better. Sadly, that wasn't the case for 76-year-old George Sturt (pictured, second from right), part of a family syndicate that banked £26.1 million on EuroMillions.

The former taxi driver has now given away most of his £6.2 million share to charity in memory of his late wife Maureen, who died in 2009 following a long battle with breast cancer. He told the News of the World: "If Maureen was alive we might have gone on a cruise. But I would rather give it to people who need it."

Also part of the syndicate were Sturt's 44-year-old daughter Teresa and sons Colin and Gary.

4 ‘Millionaire’ banks another £26.5 million

Not everyone wants the world to know they've just won a huge sum of money. In 2007 a mystery player netted £26,533,767 but kept their anonymity.

Amazingly, the Sun reported at the time that the winner had little use for the money as they were already a millionaire.

Apparently the mystery person was already living in a £4 million gated property on an exclusive private estate and driving numerous luxury cars prior to the jackpot win.

3 Royal Mail worker claims £35 million

Angela Kelly became one of the biggest lottery winners in UK history back in 2007.

Her £35 million EuroMillions jackpot is estimated to earn £5,000 a day in interest alone, meaning she's unlikely to ever be short of cash.

Despite this, the Glaswegian former postal worker originally opted not to leave her local neighbourhood. She has since reportedly bought an £850,000 house in East Kilbride.

2 £45 million for broke couple

Last year, a whopping £91 million EuroMillions jackpot was shared between two parties: a syndicate of seven call centre workers in Liverpool and cash-strapped couple Les and Sam Scadding.

According to reports, Les Scadding had actually gone overdrawn on the day he purchased his winning ticket, having been unemployed for many months. His bank balance is now back in black to the tune of £45 million.

As for the call centre workers... well, they had to make do with a measly £6.5 million each.

1 The biggest jackpot: £56 million

At present, Nigel Page and Justine Laycock from Cirencester are officially the UK's biggest single lottery winners following a £56 million jackpot back in February.

"I'd already checked my National Lottery account and had seen I'd won £55 on Lotto when I decided to buy two Lucky Dips for the big EuroMillions jackpot on Friday," explained 43-year-old Page.

The couple have since given their old home and car to their former cleaner.

We say they are officially the biggest winners in the UK as there have been bigger wins off a single ticket.

However, Camelot told MSN Money that the ticketholders decided to remain anonymous, so it's unclear whether the winners were extremely fortunate individuals or part of a syndicate.

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UK’s Biggest Lottery Winners Ever