50 Cent Street King Energy Drink

Curtis Jackson "50-Cent" is no newcomer to the beverage industry. When he was working to help build Vitamin Water, it was a massive success. When Coca-Cola Bought Vitamin water, 50 Cent raked in around a fresh 60$ Million Dollars.

Street King Energy is sold in a small bottle much similar to 5 Hour Energy. There is about as much caffeine in one of these bottles as there is in a cup of coffee. Street King Energy available in 3 flavors, Orange, Mango, and Grape.

Much of the marketing for Street King Energy has been done on the internet, Particularly Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The YouTube videos they have produced have featured such celebrities as DJ Pauly D, and Joan Rivers.

With the new creation of this Energy Drink, 50 Cent is only bound to add to his massive 100 Million Dollar Net Worth. This energy drink will also help promote his new 2013 album, Street King.

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50 Cent Street King Energy Drink