5 Unique Businesses That Are Setting Future Trends

As a result of climate change and the increasing impact humans have on the planet, there is an up and coming shift among businesses and people towards becoming more sustainable. By engaging in more sustainable behavior, many people hope to leave their children and grandchildren a world that is not overrun with pollution or environmental destruction and that can continue to function for the foreseeable future.

The following businesses that will be mentioned are thriving in this eco-friendly consumer environment, and are contributing to make the planet cleaner while decreasing mankind’s negative impact on the rest of the world. These sustainable companies are giving back in several ways, including more efficient products, improving recycling, and incorporating natural, renewable energy to power machines and homes.

Despite many of these companies being deemed too eccentric or implausible a decade ago, these business ideas are now recognized as avant-garde and eco-friendly improvements of existing services and technologies. Although critics may still regard them with incredulity, they have proven themselves to be reliable and efficient companies in recent years. These businesses are not afraid to leave behind the more outdated and traditional companies that see no problem in continuing to damage the environment and maintain the status quo of the last century.

Overall, the huge change in the individual’s attitude towards the environment has not just closed doors on high pollution and high impact industries, but opened up endless possibilities for sustainable green industries and innovations in every level of the economy. These five unique and cutting edge businesses are on the crest of a new wave of environmentally friendly companies that will lead us into a more sustainable 21st century.

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5 5: NPowerPEG

The NPowerPEG is a recently released portable battery charger from Tremont Electric that allows a user to generate electricity from kinetic energy simply by walking, running or biking. This energy can in turn be used to charge a cell phone, iPod, or other small electronic device.

This device is groundbreaking because it allows the customer to literally create their own battery power by harnessing the energy that bodies generate when moving against the pull of gravity. Essentially, as long as you can still walk or shake the device, you can charge any dead phone or similar device no matter where you are in the world.

The NPowerPEG is perfect for naturalists, hikers, or anyone who wants to be able to live or travel without needing a power plug. The charge that is generated by kinetic energy lasts up to three months and can be topped off through a conventional USB charger connected to a laptop. From an environmentalist’s point of view, this device, which lasts up to five years, reduces electricity demand by an individual and could lead to future improvements to reduce energy demand. Overall, this is a very promising innovation that promises to revolutionize the industry and offers a practical recharging solution for those who love the great outdoors.

4 4: Recompute


Recompute is an innovative computer that has all the traditional elements of a desktop PC, but with a cardboard casing. Essentially, this product aims to limit the waste and environmental damages caused by traditional computers by focusing on their life cycle. Basically, the cardboard outer case of the computer makes it much easier to dismantle and recycle than a traditional metal case. This makes it a breeze to recycle the components inside the computer, and allows the case to be directly recycled as cardboard.

Unfortunately, old computers are often sent to China, where they are dismantled and melted down for precious metals, a process that releases toxins into the environment and poisons the nearby workers. With the Recompute computer, the company will be able to recycle any computer with no extra charge. Even if it is not recycled as a whole, it will cause less environmental damage because it will be easy to dismantle and recycle each individual piece separately. By proving the same quality product that is still much more environmentally friendly than its competitors, Recompute has shown that any product can be redesigned to be eco-friendly.

3 3: Goat Power

Goat Power is a unique business that provides a service that manages land through the use of goats. This environmentally friendly idea allows a herd of goats to feed off the land, which is an alternative way to mow a lawn and eliminate brush without using harmful man-made chemicals or machines such as tractors.

The obvious benefit is that goats replace weed killers, pesticides and man-made equipment. The animals tend to prevent erosion because they do not disturb the soil and they can reach places a tractor cannot, and they also prevent the proliferation of invasive vegetation due to the fact that they can easily consume certain seeds. Not only do goats eat Scotch Broom and Knot Weed, but they can even eat certain poisonous plants.

In certain cases, goats can clear about one-fourth of the vegetation on the average farm land in three to five days. Even though this might seem long, landowners are now able to save money in terms of tractors, gas, and pesticides.

2 2: AMP Americas

AMP Americas has the leading renewable natural-gas facility in the USA, which creates energy from cow manure. This transportation company focuses on three areas: constructing compressed natural gas stations off of main highways, providing financial services in order to equip truck fleets, and constructing renewable natural-gas factories.

The company has been focusing on truck fleets due to the fact that trucks pollute and consume more than other vehicles. By focusing on truck fleets, there will be a mass reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gases. Also, countries would not have to rely on foreign oil and would be able to better sustain themselves.

Currently, AMP Americas has teamed up with Trillium CNG to build public fueling stations, mostly in Texas, USA. By shifting diesel to compressed natural gas, both companies have projected carbon emissions will be reduced by an amount approximately equal to 2,400 vehicle emissions per year. Thus, the lower projections of both the cost and carbon emissions will make compressed natural gas an appealing alternative to diesel and gas.

1 1: Eternal Reefs Inc.

Eternal Reefs is a unique business that makes man-made memorial reefs that consist of the remains of humans and animals that passed away. Remains are mixed with concrete and lowered into the ocean as part of a sendoff ceremony by family members. The locations of these reefs are approved by the state and local agencies to ensure that they do not disrupt the environment. Designed to last for five centuries, Eternal Reefs are an eco-friendly substitute to the old-fashioned burial practices.

With rising temperatures and high acidity levels in the ocean, coral bleaching has occurred. Once coral bleaching takes place, the level of living corals could fall and marine shelter could cease to exist.  However, External Reefs helps create aquatic habitats for many forms of sea through man-made reefs, which are increasingly necessary for marine life to thrive.

Currently, this company has two hundred man-made reefs off the coast of US and is growing, while other businesses similar to this one are mainly off the shores of Brazil and Malaysia.

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