2013 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists and Their Businesses

Here is a list of some of the wealthiest Hip Hop artists out there. They have made a lot of their money from their music, but a majority of this hip of moguls have made their money from their business ventures.

1. Sean Combs $580 Million

Everyone knows about P.Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Jean Combs. He made his first fortune back in the 90s when he signed super star rapper Biggie Smalls. Since then he has made most of his money outside of music deals, with clothing lines, reality TV shows, colognes, and work with beverage companies. It is easy to see why Sean Combs is so wealthy. He loves working hard and is always looking for that next big deal.

2. Jay Z $480 Million

Jay Z is an amazing rapper, business owner, and public figure. He has been coming out with hits that have been stunning the rap community since he started in the early 90s. He found massive success with his clothing line Rocca Wear, and also his record label he started up, Rocca Records. He recently sold his clothing company, Rocca Wear, in 2007 for 204 million dollars. That is almost half of his net worth!

3. Dr. Dre $350 Million

Dr. Dre has always been a mainstay in the hip hop game. With staring in his group NWA, to transitioning to a very successful solo career, Dr. Dre has been turning out hit after hit in this rap game. He also became very successful when he signed rapper Eminem to his label Aftermath. Soon after, Eminem and Dre together signed 50 cent, who became extremely successful as well. Lately Dre has found an amazing amount of wealth through his headphone company, Beats by Dre. It seems everything Dre touches turns to gold.

4. Birdman $150 Million

Birdman is one of the most successful people to ever start an indie record label. After starting cash money records, Birdman found his goldmine, Lil Wayne. He signed Lil Wayne when the rapper was just 11 years old. He has turned out so many top 40 hits for this rapper, along with signing other superstars like Drake and Nicki Minaj.

5. 50 cent $125 Million

50 cent is a great businessman. Along with being one of the best rappers in the game, and selling millions of records in his career, he has been part of some amazing business deals. When 50 cent saw an opportunity, he helped build vitamin water. When vitamin water was bought out for 400 million dollars, 50 cent personally saw 60 million of that money.


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2013 Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artists and Their Businesses