12 Reasons Donald Trump Would Make A Great President

One of the biggest news stories making headlines right now is Donald Trump, one of the biggest names in the United States, is running for President. Throughout the last couple of elections he has hinted at the idea but nothing really materialized. That all changed earlier this month when he announced that he wanted to make the country strong again, mocked the current state of foreign relations and went on a brief tirade about Mexicans that offended more than a few.

Running for the Republican party candidacy, Trump is viewed by many as a novelty candidate. People have suggested that he's a reality TV icon, but has no feasibility as a Presidential candidate. These same people may forget that Ronald Reagan was an actor prior to his career in politics and that Trump himself is a (somewhat) self made billionaire whose family is the embodiment of the "hard work and diligence will make you a success" American Dream.

Of course, business sense and a great haircut does not automatically make someone a hero to the public. Many argue that Trump is elitist, out of touch and a threat to the country, claiming that business experience does not equate to the leadership of a government. His supporters believe however that his experience in business translates into wisdom that could mean success for the country. If you're of the belief that Trump will be bad for America, I'm sorry to say, you are mistaken, and if you're unsure of the impact he will have on the country, here are twelve reasons Trump will be an outstanding President of the United States.

12 He's Not a Lawyer

Lawyers have been the front-runners in United States politics (and politics in general) for decades. They're good at arguing, speak well and are generally intelligent. Unfortunately, they have also created such a web of meaningless red tape and laughably ineffective regulations that the United States has become a difficult place in which to do business, and good citizens unknowingly commit crimes daily in many cases. Trump will be a no-nonsense leader and will be one of the only Presidents in history to encourage those under him to actually work toward progress rather than endlessly chatter and waste time.

11 He Will Prioritize Money, Not Control

Many government officials and "leaders" like to spout out different goals and purposes for government. What it all comes down to however, is control. Unfortunately, as was discussed in our first point, the level of control in the United States is through the roof and those who know what they are talking about, know that it is the "land of the free" in spirit but not in practicality. The responsibility for this reality lays with the government, which has sunk its claws into the American people and is striving more and more to control their existence. Trump knows that spending is out of control and will control spending, rather than people.

10 He Speaks His Mind

For a blanket statement, look no further. Politicians excel at one truly despicable thing; lying and misleading with a big dirty, endearing smile on their faces. They don't just excel at it, they do it for a living. Trump is not only not a lawyer, he's also not a politician. He's gotten to where he is by speaking his mind, which is frank and honest and would be a breath of fresh air when in charge. Plenty of people will be concerned by a President who doesn't shove deceit down their throats, but leaders who coddle their people have been part of the problem for too long. Trump will tell the great unwashed masses what they need to hear: the country is screwed unless some serious changes take place. Not only that, he knows how to make that happen.

9 He's Against the War on Drugs

The war on drugs has proven itself to be one of the most harmful and wasteful initiatives that any country has ever undertaken. People are killed and imprisoned for what are essentially victimless crimes. Furthermore, police resources (and in some cases lives) are wasted year after year, along with dozens of billions of dollars. It is a tragic and horrific waste of money and lives, while other countries have developed infinitely more beneficial ways to manage drugs. Trump has indicated time and time again that while he does not use drugs, legalization and decriminalization are both better options that the status quo.

8 He Won't Move Slowly

One of the biggest problems with government in any country is that it is a slow-moving, hulking beast that functions in a void of wasted time. While government moving slowly can prevent knee-jerk reactions, the "molasses in January" speed at which the current government drags along is allowing problems to continue and causing more harm than good to citizens. Trump, with his problem solving and overall intelligence will not allow stagnation on his own part or the part of those around him. If anyone can bring about effective and timely action by the United States government, it will be him.

7 He Won't Coddle Bureaucrats

With the exception of military members, police personnel, and other first responders, government workers are among the problems with government itself. Between laziness, entitlement, incompetence and of course forgetting that they actually work for citizens, bureaucrats at every level are responsible for systematic problems throughout the United States. In short, at the heart of every bloated bureaucracy are the functionaries who work in it. If anyone knows how to maximize efficiency from the top down, it is one of America's most successful entrepreneurs and business people.

Many of you saying something to the effect of "but Chris, government should not be run like a business", need to take a step back and recognize that government does not even function as a government right now. It's more like a leech, and the man who can get rid of parasitic inefficiency is the man named Trump.

6 He Has the RIGHT Foreign Relations Experience

Much of the "wisdom" regarding current foreign relations dogma is completely backwards. This aspect of governance is not about being ominously diplomatic and benevolent to other countries and their representatives. Trump is a tough, ruthless businessman and would bring his negotiating skills and confidence to the table every time, telling other nations what the deal is, rather than bowing to agreements and ideas that would be detrimental to his nation.

He's been doing business internationally for decades and has remained successful. How successful? He has investments across the world worth a total of between seven and nine billion dollars (depending on the source). The man knows how to do business all over the globe and can succeed all over the globe.

5 He Has Sound Military/Security Policies

Donald Trump is a businessman who recognizes that while economics is important, an effective protection effort is paramount to ongoing financial success. He has pledged to maintain military strength and will be tough on ISIS. He has also indicated that "tough on ISIS" will not include a massive, costly, and bloody military campaign (like Afghanistan and Iraq) but will involve a new look at military action, claiming that he will consult with brilliant military minds and push back the fundamentalists. Trump appears to be the candidate that sees ISIS as a threat but realizes that the last two major counter-insurgency campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have been ineffective.

Aside from ISIS, Trump has said that humanitarian and interventionist military efforts are nice on paper and good for photo ops, but can cause more problems than they solve. Crippling ISIS but leaving countries that are not direct threats alone is a sound and intelligent way to maximize military efficiency, while not vomiting money around the globe unnecessarily.

4 He Has Great Ideas for Education

Trump's announcement speech touched on education only briefly but what he said ties in nicely with what he has said throughout his business career regarding education. There is no reason American kids should be behind in comparison to those of any other nations. The education system in the United States needs to be prioritized and Trump is the man to do it. His belief is that the Department of Education is a high-minded waste of funds which presumes that bureaucrats in Washington can educate (indoctrinate, brainwash if you will) children better than individual states, communities and parents.

The common core program, which has received heat from educators and parents alike, has been placed squarely in Trump's crosshairs in terms of the first measures he will dismantle with regard to education.

3 He Actually Knows How the Economy Works

Donald Trump knows how to make money. He also knows what does not make money. On a personal scale and a national scale and of course, the world over, Donald Trump is a man who has experienced failures and massive successes in the financial world. These bureaucrats and lawyers who have been in charge for decades clearly do not understand that as Winston Churchill said: "We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle". Trump has pledged that China is the biggest threat to the country (a blatant truth) and that one of the best ways to kick-start the economy is to bring back the jobs they have stolen from the U.S.

Again, if anyone can do it, Trump can. Why trust economics to a group of people who have time and time again, created more debt with no real outcome? It is time to let a man who has achieved success have a turn.

2 He's an Actual Leader (Good God, Look at the Alternatives)


In this election, Americans will have the opportunity to vote for some of the biggest liars, most notable bigots, and the relatives of former Presidents. Some are woefully confused and others are just plain clueless, the only Presidential candidate with two brain cells to rub together (other than Rand Paul) is Donald John Trump. The vast majority of these barely sentient, walking masses of pus and bile running for office got into their positions through false promises and ill-intentioned charisma, Trump got there through hard work, smart dealing and putting himself and his name on the line for years. In this race, you will see many mouthpieces and purveyors of empty words; people who are more talk than action, and a few leaders, who will act, innovate and solve problems. Make no mistake, Trump is a leader.

1 He Won't Try to Do Too Much

This is the most important point I can make here and it will be punctuated by two quotes by very different figures; Ringo Starr, The Beatles' drummer, and the late American novelist Tom Clancy, who was one of the most knowledgeable figures when it came to military and governmental matters.

Starr said long ago that "everything the government touches turns to crap". Not particularly eloquent, but if you need examples, look around. If the government does it, it costs too much and becomes a burden on the people the government is supposed to serve.

Clancy said: "what the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms and killing people. It's not good at much else." He too has a point. If you want education, social services, health care and safety, a government will provide these things, but enjoy your poverty and oppression. On the other hand, again, look around: governments are brilliant at finding reasons to take money and murdering people, but even these things cost an obscene amount of money.

I don't know if Trump has read The Hunt for Red October or whether he is a fan of The Beatles, but he knows these things. He knows that the more a government tries to do, the more it hurts its people. Trump, the entrepreneur, knows that much like the fact that a country will never tax itself into prosperity, nor will it ever regulate its people into freedom or wealth. He is the right man for the job but many citizens are tired of the status quo but remain too frightened to do anything to change it. A vote for Trump is a vote for a man with real potential to improve the country.

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