10 Websites That Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur

Google offers 74,500,000 results for the search “how to become a better entrepreneur”. Even though it’s unlikely that one percent of the world population would know how to help you become a better entrepreneur, it is equally unlikely that none of those results will be helpful. Unless you are planning on spending your time reading for the rest of your life, you have got to pick the best sources.

Let’s define the best reading sources for entrepreneurs for a moment. If you are ambitious, chances are high that you have a busy schedule. Any blog or online magazine that takes up more than 15 minutes therefore doesn’t qualify. Secondly, if you are currently a business owner you will want to avoid having to skip through headlines that are concerned with starting a business until you finally find this one juicy headline that turns out to merely cover basic concepts you are already aware of.

Websites and blogs worth any entrepreneurs time should offer content that saves them time by being able to read it faster, learn faster, or share it smarter. Additionally, the advice needs to come from someone who is either a highly skilled researcher or writer specialized in business and entrepreneurship or from someone who has been there and done that (the latter obviously being the ideal scenario).

Entrepreneurs often have the basics covered and need something to refine their skills, something that will help them get to the next level. The following list of websites contains a combination of blogs, online magazines, and smart feeds that save you time, inspire you, and help you get ahead of your competition. It is a selection of ten websites that have been chosen based on utility as well as expertise and entrepreneurial experience.


10 10: Alltop

Alltop displays the most popular and the most shared blog articles on the web sorted by website. For entrepreneurs, it is an useful source of social media content because they can select specific websites or specific topics that match their respective audience.

Additionally, there is no faster way to skip through the most popular and trending news and since time is a scarce resource for most entrepreneurs, Alltop kills two birds with one stone.

9 9: Smarta


Smarta specifically targets startups and small business owners. Loaded with infographics, videos, and business advice, Smarta seems to be a mixture of Copyblogger and Entrepreneur.

Prominent entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris, Richard Reed, Sir Richard Needham, and others regularly provide their insights via and although originally only popular in the UK, the website has recently gained a large crowd of followers in other countries, like the United States.

8 8: Blog Maverick

Blog Maverick is owned and run by Mark Cuban. The outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks is best known in the business world for his participation in the TV show “Shark Tank” where he invested several million dollars in business ideas that were pitched in the show.

Blog Maverick mostly contains insightful and opinionated articles on patents, social media, marketing, the economy, and trading.

7 7: Seth Godin


If you are interested in business and entrepreneurship, chances are high that you have already stepped by Seth Godin’s blog on Typepad several times. While the blog is popular and interesting to read, Seth Godin’s website is a hidden gem.

Whether you are looking for a different way to think out of the box, need some inspiration regarding web design or simply enjoy looking at a perfectly build out personal brand, will be worth your time.

6 6: WordPress’s Freshly Pressed

Freshly Pressed by features a selection of WordPress blog articles. The editors seem to be doing an excellent job because the exposure one gets by being featured on Freshly Pressed is immense - a sign that people love what they see and read.

It is a gold mine for entrepreneurs because they can browse tags like business, entrepreneurship, or other tags that are related to the product or service they are offering. It is a good way to stay up to date, get inspired, and find articles to share on social media platforms.

5 5: Inc.


While there are many established websites out there such as Entrepreneur and Mashable for instance, Inc. is the only one that primarily targets more experienced business owners, executives, and professionals in leadership positions. Additionally, Inc. writers are highly experienced and talented journalists, reporters, and columnists which makes reading it that much more enjoyable.

There is nothing wrong with the business section of the Huffington Post or articles on Entrepreneur but Inc. adds another layer of content and should qualify as an addition to any entrepreneur’s reading list.

4 4: Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is a well-rounded online magazine for small business owners. In contrast to focusing on online businesses, Small Business Trends provides content for product and service-based businesses alike.

The website covers everything from optimizing your shipping department to improving your social media marketing and creating a great in-store customer experience.


3 3: Psychology Today


Psychology Today is the self-improvement website to beat. With articles on intelligence, memory, happiness, talent, potential, success, behavioral economics, creativity, neuroscience, and stress (just to name a few) this website truly does cover it all.

All writers and contributors are required to provide sources and usually hold a PhD in their respective field, or have earned their right to be published on one of America’s most visited websites.

2 2: Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is either someone you are completely aware of or someone you have never heard of. She picks her media outlets one at a time and has slowly but steadily worked her way up in the life coaching industry.

Tony Robbins interviewed her as one of 12 top online marketing and lifestyle experts, she appeared on Oprah’s show Super Soul Sunday, and Richard Branson invited her to mentor entrepreneurs in South Africa. Not convinced yet? Russel Simmons, Donna Karan, and 250,000 blog subscribers already trust her, and her blog is not only insightful, but very entertaining.

1 1: TED Blog


Many entrepreneurs are familiar with TEDTalks, short and useful opinions and experiences shared by thought leaders. Something that many people are not aware of is that the TED website is actually twofold.

In addition to the popular TEDTalk videos, you will find equally qualitative blog articles in categories such as education, news, fellow friday, design, health, culture, global issues, art, and more.

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