Top 10 Coolest Car Garages in the World

The garage is your safe haven. Everyone’s homes are different, but they all usually have a room that is known as the man cave. This is the place where you can check out for a little bit and just relax. Maybe you want to watch a game or the latest Die Hard movie. Or, perhaps, you want to work on your car. Garages make great man caves because they can have everything a man needs to relax. All you need to do is to put a TV on the wall, install a mini-fridge, and set up a workbench. Just like that, you have a fully functioning man cave.

Some people have taken this man cave idea a few steps further. They have the luxury of spending a lot of money on their garage, so they really go all out and make it the most impressive part of their house. It has features car lovers can only dream of, and they design the garage so every car they own stands out and is on full display. They basically create their own car show with personal touches and their own cars.

It’s important to make your garage a comfortable place for you to hang out in but some of these people put millions of dollars into it, making it really impressive. You don’t have to spend that kind of money on your garage, but we sure are glad some people did. Here are the top 10 coolest garages in the world.

10 Jay Leno’s Garage

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There are few people who love cars more than Jay Leno.

The former host of The Tonight Show has always been a car enthusiast, and he hasn’t tried to hide it. Leno has turned his love for cars into a hit TV show, Jay Leno’s Garage, which airs on CNBC.

Leno’s garage has a true man cave feel about it. Between the way the ceiling is designed and the support beams coming down, it has a great combination of modern and old school. There are plenty of vintage portraits on the walls that complement both the style of the garage and the beauty of the cars.

9 Half Garage, Half Ballroom

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Who walks into a ballroom, looks around at its wonder, and thinks, "You know what would be great in here? A few cars."? Someone did.

The intricately designed floor and beautifully crafted ceiling have to make this the fanciest garage of all time. It sure doesn’t scream “man cave”, but it’s certainly a great place to host a dinner party and show off your ride. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

This garage also comes with a bar area and what seems to be a king’s throne. Just make sure you don’t park your car under that chandelier. You definitely don’t want a Phantom of the Opera-type accident to happen.

8 The Vintage Gas Station

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Remember when gas was a dime per gallon? Neither do I. But this vintage-looking gas station garage is trying to bring us back to those simpler times. The checkered floor gives the garage a nostalgic feel, and the red and off-white colors make any car stand out. The stage lights are a nice modern touch that put the cars on display. The curved ceiling makes it feel like the entire room is on display.

I still can’t get over how awesome those gas pumps are. Do you think the owner fills it with anything? I’m hoping they can still get their hands on some cheap Texaco Motor Oil.

7 The Basement

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“Hey, just come downstairs real quick and check out my awesome car collection.”

It’s always impressive when you can make your garage a prominent feature of your house. This owner is no different. There’s just something about shiny tile floors that takes the look of a garage to the next level. The grey floor goes nicely with the neutral brown walls, which makes the color of the cars pop even more.

My favorite part of this garage is the balcony that overlooks it on the second floor. It’s one thing to show off your expensive cars, but it’s another thing to have a nice view of all of your expensive cars.

6 The All-White Turntable

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The all-white walls and floor make this garage look like it came straight out of a Grand Theft Auto game.

Every dream garage needs at least one turntable. Placing your most expensive car on a spinning platform is, quite frankly, the only way to display it. Plus, the cobblestone driveway leading up to it is the perfect indicator something amazing lays beyond the garage door. All it needs is a glass garage door to show it off even more. If it doesn’t already have one, that is. We’re betting it does.

If you’re going to paint everything white, you have to have a car you’re proud of. There’s no way you can put a SUV on that turntable and think you’re going to get away with it.

5 Going Camping

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This one’s for all you outdoorsy folks! This garage is less about the interior design and more about the overall structure. I never knew putting a tent on top of a glass box would create such an interesting garage. This works really well if you have a nice yard to go with it.

The garage is well lit and a great display at night. The tent makes it feel really authentic and appeals to anyone who loves nature. The gravel around it and the green beams also add a natural feel to it. If I’m an outdoor enthusiast then I’m building this garage right away.

4 Brick Garage

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I never knew how good brick could look in a garage.

The brick wall makes this garage feel like it’s a special part of the house. The steel beams with the brick on the top also add an industrial vibe that reflects the energy that a garage should have. The spiral staircase also makes it feel like it’s an exclusive room. For some reason, it reminds me of going down to the Batcave.

I don’t know if that brick wall next to the car is supposed to be unfinished, but I kind of like it. It’s a unique feature that makes sure the car isn’t totally isolated in the corner by itself.

3 The Black Tile Garage

Via forum.tramedibeautiful.com

This garage isn’t very flashy, but there’s something about it that looks really good.

The black tile floor stands out to me more than anything in this picture, other than the cars. It has a futuristic look to it that makes you feel like you’re in a TRON movie. I know it’s not that technological, but it stands out from the other floors on this list.

The windows add a lot of natural light that looks good on the cars, and the pictures on the black wall really pop and add character to the room. Oh, and the cars look pretty good too.

2 The Secret Garage

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What if you had a garage no one knew about?

This one is especially cool because of how inconspicuous it is. From the outside it just looks like a normal house. But then the porch detaches and starts to lift up, and all of a sudden you have a huge garage.

It’s hard to imagine how much work went into this garage. To be able to detach your entire front porch and have it lift up like a garage door is incredible. I wonder if they had any failed attempts... Try to imagine testing your garage door and your entire front porch collapses on your lawn.

1 The Endless Garage

Via arch2o.com

So this isn’t a traditional garage that someone would have at their house but, to be fair, none of these garages have been traditional. This garage was just too cool not to put on this list.

It’s a mechanical parking garage in Germany that lifts your car up and places it in its own pod. It also takes your car down like one of those vending machines that grabs your drink and brings it down. But think about owning this garage with an endless collection of cars. Or just having a garage like this that has many levels and mechanically brings down any car you want.

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