The Story Of Formula One Driver Sebastian Vettel

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4 Sebastian Vettel: Revving Up his Career


Formula One racing drivers can be really fast during the race, but do their earnings also get a raise that fast? Find out how a World Champion’s salary has increased since the year he has started winning until today that he has still won the championship. Find out how much does Sebastian Vettel make every year? Find out if the race’s No.1 also gets the biggest salary among other F1 racing drivers.

 A German F1 racing driver and today’s world champion, Sebastian Vettel, is the season’s youngest World Drivers’ championship runner up. He has been deemed as the youngest triple champion in the history of F1 racing as he won his first championship in 2010, followed by another championship in 2011, and his most recent championship in 2012. Vettel has that youthful, passionate vibe in him that exudes his winning spirit. He is also the youngest player who has had an official practice of Grand Prix where he was able to practice the race, to score championship points, and to win the race.  He has lead his team, Red Bull, in these championships.


3 Sebastian Vettel’s Earnings in 2010


Vettle joined the Brazilian Grand Prix where he, together with Alonso, was successfully able to grab Red Bull Racing’s first Formula One World Constructors’ championship. He also won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where he took the drivers’ championship lead for the first time in his racing career. This made him the youngest champion in the history of Formula One racing.

 In 2010, Sebastian Vettle ranked number 12 in the Formula One drivers salary ratings, with only €2m in his name. Fernando Alonso driving for Ferrari with €30m ranked the highest spot, followed by other popular players such as Lewis Hamilton racing for team McLaren-Mercedes with Mercedes €16mm, Kimi Raikkonen racing for Ferrari as well, with €16m. Felipe Massa, Jenson Button, Michael Schumacher were the Formula One Racing drivers who had the biggest earnings in 2010.


2 Sebastian Vettel’s Earnings in 2011


One of Formula One racing’s headlines in 2011 includes Sebastian Vettel’s quandripled salary. After winning the Constructors’ championship for Red Bull, Red Bull has signed up the team that made them win. His contract with Red Bull has been extended until 2014. Vettel was earning only salary with high bonuses. However, his performance and championship made his salary rev up to more than 50% of his original earnings in 2010. In 2011, he was already earning £8 million from 2010’s 2 million. He also retained his options for rich reward on points and titles. Another interesting about Vettel is that he does his own negotiations and he does not have a manager who does all the transactions for him. For some, this is a new way of dealing with negotiations.

 In 2011, Sebastian Vettel may be known to be the fastest race driver, however this does not mean that he was the one who earned the biggest salary among other Formula One racers. He also won bonus for winning the 2011 championship which amounted to R62-million.

 In the 2011 Formula One racing car drivers’ salary list, it was Fernando Alonso of Ferrari with €30 million. Ferrari is known to pay the highest among all teams, so although Alonso was not the grand champion, he still earned the most out of other racecar drivers. He was followed by Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, from McLaren, with both 10M€ each. Felipe Massa was also in the top of the list, ranking 5 as he races for team Ferrari, with 10M€. 5. Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher both from Mercedes earned ) 8M€ each. Sebastian Vettel ranked 7th on this list, with €30 million.


1 Sebastian Vettel’s Earnings in 2012


Sebastian Vettel won his third championship in 2012, despite the difficult race that he had to go through. At the age of 25, he was hailed as the youngest triple world champion, while he is also the third race car driver who was able to achieve three consecutive championships, similar to Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher.

 Looking at 2012’s ranking of Formula One’s race car drivers’ salary, Fernando Alonso retained his position as the biggest earner with €30 million. Second to Alonso was Lewis Hamilton, his former teammate, who is now racing for McLaren. It is said though that Hamilton will get a big rise since his current deal is about to end. Next on the list was Jenson Button who also earned €16 million. Sebastian Vettel now ranks as the fourth biggest paid Formula One car racer. Mark Weber, from the Red Bull team, also earned €10 million.

 In totality, Sebastian Vettel has a net worth of $28 million. By winning various titles and grabbing the championship in key races, he was able to take home bigger pays and bonuses from different races.

 It was only in 199 when he started racing carts and taking home various titles.  Since then, he has joined and won a lot of races—the Junior Monaco Kart Cup in 2001, German Formula BWM championship, F3 Euroseries in 2006, and Turkish Grand Prix in 2006. 2007 was a significant year for him as he became BMW’s test driver and eventually, he joined Red Bull’s Scuderia Toro Rosso team.

 Being out in the race track is not an easy job, as every second and every minute is like a drop of blood that you cannot just waste. Finding out how much Sebastian Vettel should inspire young people to step out of their comfort zones and run after or race after their dreams and passions.

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