Rowan Atkinson Changes McLaren F1 for a Skoda

Rowan Atkinson became a laughing stock for ditching a supercar in exchange for a modest Skoda.

The multi-millionaire comedian was photographed riding a Skoda Superb worth only $30,000 as a replacement for his $4.8 million McLaren F1 he crashed into a tree on the A605 near Peterborough in 2011.

Mr. Bean purchased the ride in 1997 for $1.1 million, the year of his first Mr. Bean film.

The McLaren F1, the fastest non-turbo charged production car in the world at 240mph, is one of only 64 models in the world.

Meanwhile, Skoda did not have a good reputation in the past due to its poor performance. Through the years, the model has earned positive response from owners and buyers. It was voted the best car to own by Auto Express magazine.

Atkinson suffered a broken shoulder and the back of the car was mostly destroyed. It was his second road mishap with the supercar. In 1999, he ploughed it into the back of a Rover Metro. The insurance company estimated the damage repair for the F1 to be $1.5 million, making it Britain's highest repair bill ever. His insurance for Skoda is a mere $3,000 a year.

The 58-year-old car buff owns an Aston Martin DB2, Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, Jaguar Mk7, a vintage Ford Falcon, a 1939 BMW 328 and Honda NSX.

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