Have you noticed the changes of 2013- New cars

When looking at cars there are many factors we consider, for instance: Price, Design, Brand, Speed, Comfort, Technology and more. In this article the focus will be Design, because through the design of a car many decisions are concluded in our brains towards whether we appreciate it or not, enough to want it.

We all know that every few years car manufacturers change the shape of their car models or introduce a new series, some that look absolutely stunning and some that just grow on us. We can easily come to the conclusion that cars are looking more and more futuristic and maybe some day we may have cars like the ones we see in movies. Who would have imagined cars could be transformed as much as they have been 15 years ago or even 10?

Out with the old in with the new, more eye candy to look out for on the roads with new shape cars from various manufactures. Yay or Nay?

7  1. BMW- X6


6 Porsche- Cayman

5 Bentley- EXP 9 F Design Concept

4 Land Rover-Range Rover

3 Mercedes Benz- E-class Saloon

2 Maserati- Ghibli

1 Mini Paceman

Having seen a few of the latest changes and new addition from some of our well known manufacturers I wonder, Will these new model make you want to trade your 2012 model for the 2013?

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