All About Tesla Motors

There are large companies that manufacture and design automobiles and vehicles for the purpose of transportation and trade. One of the main automobile companies is that which is known as Tesla Motors.

9 What Is Tesla Motors

The Silicon Valley is home to the company known as Tesla Motors. Tesla Motors is a publicly listed company that is mainly involved in manufacturing and designing electric cars from the buggies in golf games to many others. Created for the first time in the year of 2003, this company has now become a well known name for the latest innovations in the field of automobiles. It has also started to make some new sedans and hatchbacks which can be charged electrically. As of now, it has also widened its field of electric car components like lithium batteries and gadgets.

8 The Founders Of Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors was founded by two important and dynamic minds who have contributed to its innovative business activities. One of its founders is Elon Musk who is one of the most dynamic businessmen in recent times. He is the founder of the revolutionary PayPal payment system which has become an important component in doing online payments. Another founder of the company is J.B Straubel. After working as a technician in car plants, he moved as The Chief Technical Officer in Tesla Motors. These two people contributed a real force of management in the company, which is why the company is so dynamic and trendy in its approach.

7 The Cars Of Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is not just a company pursuing a dormant trend. It is a company that has engaged itself in manufacturing and designing electric cars that will be useful in a number of arenas like sports, passenger transport and other purposes. The Tesla Roadster is one of its famous offerings. This is because it became a big sensation in the field of car racing. It is the first highway-capable electric car that runs on a lithium-ion battery. With a single charge of its battery, the car will run at a speed of 200 miles. With its launch in 2012, The Tesla Roadster was sold in 31 countries and it was widely lauded as the quintessential electric car that will change the way people think about the concept of electrical cars.

6 Tesla Model S

Tesla launched its first electric sedan in the middle of 2012. This was the Tesla Model S which instantly became a hit. The car comes in two versions with different battery packs of different power levels; namely 85kw and 60kw battery packs. With comfortable seating, good looks and superb performance, the Tesla Model S became an instant bestseller with bumper sales all across the U.S.A. and in other nations. It was also lauded with many accolades and awards such as the 2013 World Green Car Of The Year and Motor Trend Car Of The Year. With nearly 5000 units sold in the first quarter of 2013, the Tesla Model S had become the top-selling electric car in the world.

5 Tesla Model X The Future

While the Tesla Motors made some ambitious plans for The Model X in 2013, these were shelved. This is because the company plans to launch the new car only in the year 2014. The development plans had begun quite earnestly back in the year 2012. But given that Tesla Motors had made some solid profits this year, the Model X has been shoved aside for proper release in the year 2014. One of the purposes is that the company aims to achieve a solid target of 20,000 Model S cars this year. So, as for now, the company is happy to concentrate on Model S and it will launch Model X in the future to make some good profits. The Model S and Model X are expected to be two of the biggest offerings.

4 Tesla Superchargers

One of the most ambitious projects undertaken by the company is the vast network of Superchargers that will be laid out in principal American towns and cities as well. The Superchargers are conveniently located charging stations, each of which can produce a power of 480-volts. These charging stations are aimed at helping the sedans to be driven over long distances in the highways. As of now, the current models like the Roadster and the Model S are not equipped to be charged from these networks. However, once this is completed, all the future projects will be compatible to be charged with the help of superchargers. Six power stations have been already built near San Francisco and LA.

3 Elon Musk Tesla Motors

One of the main brains behind Tesla Motors is the dynamic entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Elon Musk. Musk graduated with a Bachelor in Business degree from the notable Wharton School and a bachelor's degree in Physics from the University Of Pennsylvania. At Tesla Motors, he is not just Chairman and CEO; he is also the Product Architect. Musk believes in blending his technological expertise with a sound sense of business to make his company's products popular with customers. This is why he made a huge name with his radical product the PayPal delivery system which has become a household name. Musk is the real force behind the company.

2 Virtues

One of the virtues of Tesla Motors is that it prizes technological innovation. This means that the Tesla Motors technicians make sure to use the best quality materials and technological tools for manufacturing their electric-powered cars and vehicles. The Tesla Motors is a company equipped with a solid team of technicians and experts. They manufacture the best quality lithium battery and other components for cars manufactured by other brands like Chevrolet and Toyota. Given that it is guided by the dynamic and enterprising vision of Elon Musk, it proves to be a company that makes sure that its customers enjoy the best quality products and enjoy certain virtues like good looks and comfort.

1 The Final Word

Tesla Motors is one of the successful enterprises of the recent times. It took them exactly a decade to reach the pinnacle of success. They have pulled the task off with their ardous courage and determination to succeed. By embracing the latest trends in technology and vehicles, it has succeeded in manufacturing the best quality products for its customers. Cars like the Roadster and Model S have been spectacular successes. This is also a company that helps to make sure that the customers are satisfied with some good after-sales service as well.

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