7 Vehicles To Survive The End Of The World

In a post-Brexit, pre-Trump world, it doesn’t take a jittering neurotic to ponder with dread a not-so-distant future that looks somewhat like the apocalyptic visions of our greatest filmmakers. Be it the parched deserts of Mad Max, the monkey business of Planet of the Apes or the zombified streets of 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead, widescreen disasters have taught us that resourcefulness is the mother of survival – and having a whopping great vehicle to get away in doesn’t hurt either. Here are a few options for those of you who are listening just as hard to our artistic visionaries as our political liabilities.

7 The Marauder

In the present day, the Paramount Marauder is favored by South African and Azerbaijani armed forces for its ability to carry heavy loads and ride over obstacles such as land mines without a care – but videogame makers have noted that it’s also ideal for virtual car duels, making it available as an add-on for battle-car multiplayer Rocket League.

6 Cadillac One (AKA "The Beast")

The presidential ride is a tough nut to crack, re-enforced as it is against everything from bombs and bullets to flames and chemicals. Great news for whoever takes the keys from Obama this fall, but you could do worse than get yourself a job as their driver when Armageddon hits – the Cadillac One will be the safest place on the road.

5 Toyota Hilux 1988

The "virtually indestructible" pick-up is a later iteration of the truck Marty McFly hankers for in Back To The Future – and there’s a guy who knows a thing or two about surviving in unpredictable scenarios. When buildings are tumbling all around you, the oceans are flooding and you’ve got a delivery to make, the Toyota Hilux will get you there in one piece.

4 Land Rover Defender

Three-quarters of all the Land Rovers manufactured in the past 70 years are still on the road: if you plan to remain mobile over the potentially tempestuous forthcoming decades, you’ll be at least curious to try this durable classic. The simple design has been co-opted for tow trucks, military vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, snow ploughs – and has a regular cameo in the James Bond universe.

3 Oshkosh Wheeled Tanker

If your instincts tell you the impending apocalypse is going to have something of a Mad Max feel about it, this could be the humanitarian vehicle for you. Designed especially for the UK Ministry of Defense, the tanker looks like it’d be more at home in the desert, where its 18,000 liter capacity is ideal for delivering water, Diet Coke etc. while its off-road tires shrug off the challenges of difficult terrain.

2 Action Mobil Desert Challenger

For those who dream of combining the end of the world with the holiday of a lifetime, the natural choice is the Action Mobil Desert Challenger. No apocalyptic scenario is complete without an eccentric road-dweller piecing together a new life from the remains of the devastated settlements they pass through, and you’ll be well-positioned to start in this 8-wheeled, 30-ton motorhome.

1 Bugatti Chiron

If those mean machines are all a little too family-friendly for a lone wolf such as yourself, consider instead the Bugatti Chiron. A 261mph getaway is not out of the question when under pressure, and the super sports car’s sleek curves won’t hurt when it comes to finding a fellow hero/heroine with whom to begin the hard task of repopulating the human race. Vroom vroom!

7 Vehicles to Survive the End of the World

7 Vehicles to Survive the End of the World [Infographic] by the team at WhoCanFixMyCar.com

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