15 Of The Hottest Car Show Models From This Year

It's the best combination out there: girls and cars. To cater to a variety of tastes we have scoured the globe to find that perfect woman who worked at the most recent car show held in that respective city. In other words, no old rehashed pictures here. One fantastic picture per car show in this one, giving more cities a chance to show what they got.

These women can no longer be called models, but they are now called 'product specialists' as the term car show model, is apparently demeaning in this overly politically correct age. It is not inaccurate to use the term product specialist when describing the beautiful women that stand beside the car. They actually do know more about the vehicle than many who work for these same car companies. But are they really hired for their car knowledge? Is that what got them this job?

Hence since this article strives for fairness as much as possible, we will use the more accurate description and call them Car Show Models. Calling them specialists is offensive to the multitude of people out there who actually know more about these products but will never get this high paying job because of the blemish on their face, the pudginess of their waist or other such physical attributes. How much does this job pay? $1000 a day plus benefits. Why do they have to be attractive? Because the car company wants to know your thoughts. Who better then to get stuff out of your head than a pretty girl, and in countries like China and Mexico, a handsome man.

15 International Motor Show, Frankfurt, Germany - September 2015


Tall and full figured with every curve in the right place, these models don't fit that German stereotype of cold, with that inviting smile that awaits the lucky few that can even dream of affording the car above. Elegantly and tastefully dressed in a manner that Lamborghini customers expect and feel they deserve with all of their hard earned cash.

What would the models tell you about the show and the cars? This is the show that all car shows are measured by. The biggest car show on the planet (in terms of number of cars) occurs in two different cities; Frankfurt in odd number years, and Hanover in even number years. The most interesting model to be introduced to the world at the show is the 2017 Bentley Bentayga, an SUV with a smooth feminine style that would feel right at home as an elegant station wagon for the super successful. The 2016 Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4 Spyder shown above adds one thing to the existing super-car; That wonderful feel of the wind blowing in your hair as you speed by everybody on the autobahn in a car whose gorgeous style has become entrenched in people's fantasies for the last few years.

14 Canadian International Auto Show, Toronto - February 2016


Something about cars and full figured women pervades every car calendar and virtually every trade show. Perhaps there is no better way to remove the shape that enters some people's mind when viewing a modern car; the egg. This lovely lady transcends elegance into something more along the lines of naughty and hot blooded, probably indicating who the car above is geared towards.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? The largest auto show in Canada, it is where most of the cars that are new to the country are first introduced. This year the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio was one of the highlights as the Italian automaker introduced a gorgeous 4 door sedan into its line up, showing that the carmaker is trying hard to regain a foothold in the country after a 25 year absence. The muscle car producing 505 HP, outguns an M3 in many respects with a lower price tag.

13 Tokyo Motor Show or Auto Salon: Chiba, Japan - January 2016


With a look straight out of an early Fast and Furious flick, this car model is perfectly geared to selling the souped up modified Japanese sports cars that dominated the race car games and the race car movie franchises. The young people in Japan still eat that concept up because this scantily clad young lady still has a job selling to this group of people. When scrolling through photos from this show, the ladies chosen by the organizers will not disappoint.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? This is definitely the place to be for modified and tuned cars, and everything required to turn these small cars into true street racers. The concept is presented so well that, the Tokyo Auto Salon was internationally branded and is sometimes held in other countries like Thailand.

12 Chicago Auto Show: Chicago, USA - February 2016


Why do you work hard or take the easy road in a life of crime? Hopefully if you keep some of that money you can get this super powered 2 door sports car while getting her to sit beside you on the passenger seat.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? The Chicago Auto Show has been hosted more times than any other automobile show in North America. Over a million people visit this show every year. The exhibit hall used is so huge, that manufacturers frequently introduce their cars with concerts and other such theatrics providing a consumer experience that they can't get at just any Auto Show. The Dodge Viper super car shown above is proof that American designers can build sports cars that rival the best from anywhere. With this year's introduction of matte finish exterior paint, the Viper allows for 50 million unique build configurations and 16,000 unique paint colors, so let your imagination run wild while you customize this beast. Modifications to the engine have increased power to a whopping 645 HP. Take that, Ferrari!

11 International Geneva Motor Show: Geneva, Switzerland - March 2016


Germany might have the biggest show in the world, but Switzerland just has the most glamorous one. What is it that makes it the most glamorous of all events? Take a look at her and then visit just about any website to see just how many beautiful models this show hires. The cars are just a very expensive afterthought judging by the cars that this show displays.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? This is the place where supercars worth over $1 million are first revealed. Switzerland, a land known for chocolate, blonde hair, banks and neutrality, is the only place in the world where each car maker gets an equal billing. Other countries highlight their own automakers. Switzerland doesn't have any of its own. What supercars were revealed this year? How about a green supercar, the 2080 bhp AF10 hybrid from Arash. The biggest release of this show has to be the Bugatti Chiron. If you thought all eyes were on her above, think again. With a price tag of only $2.8 million, the 1500HP Hypercar is more stunning than its predecessor and is guaranteed to become the newest land speed record holder.

10 Indian Auto Expo: Delhi, India - February 2016


Forget about just hiring any model for your car. Jaguar went all out for this show and hired a famous Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif. Probably costing Jaguar more than just $1000 per day, we are sure that they got their money's worth. India, after all, is a country with a huge number of wealthy elites and a middle class with more money than their counterparts in the west, thanks to access to an outlandishly high number of workers who get paid next to nothing.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? The show, held every second year, is Asia's largest. Nothing in China or Japan can compete with this one. Internationally, only Germany's is larger. All this from some modest beginnings just 30 years ago. It highlights the strides made by India's auto industry, including Jaguar, the once proud British mark, now owned by India's Tata motors. The company proudly introduced the Jaguar XE sports saloon at the show. The car is geared to the mass market and is Jaguar's first entry level luxury car in years. Its 178 bhp 4-cylinder diesel engine is responsive while exhibiting environmentally friendly fuel consumption. For a bargain basement price, it does not compromise on the luxurious refinements that have defined the company since the dawn of time. Who better than Katrina Kaif to introduce a car that can make or break the company's fortunes.

9 Las Vegas Lowrider Car Show: Las Vegas, USA - March 2016


What exactly is the allure of a low rider? Perhaps it is the way the models dress and pose. The magazine that sponsors the show sure knows how to keep readers interested, and obviously applies the same formula to the trade show that bears their name. Look at any of the videos from this show and it just displays gorgeous girl after gorgeous girl beside some tacky car that these women just know how to sell.

What would these models tell you about the show and the cars? Forget the casinos, the buffets and forget all of the other bland musical shows from artists that had their time decades ago. Vegas is Sin City and Lowrider magazine's Car Show symbolizes everything great about Vegas. Performances by Coolio and Shock G of Digital Underground (Okay, they're pretty old as well), and the world famous Lowrider magazine bikini contest. There's also hundreds of the coolest lowriders you can find anywhere.

8 Mondial De L'Automobile: Paris, France - September 2014


Like most European Car Shows, this one is held on alternating years. Hence, the last one occurred in 2014. Paris is supposed to share the limelight with Geneva as the glamour show. After all, it's the city of lights and love and all of that kind of stuff. The models all match the image as they scream Vogue, Chanel, fashion and everything else we've come to associate French culture with.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? Other shows have more cars, but this one attracts the most visitors in the world, over 1.2 million the last time around and it's hard not to see why. The world debuts many of its cars here, not necessarily supercars or fancy German nameplates, but cars for the regular man and woman. Of course, it does have surprises from the luxury makers as well, including the unveiling of the Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 hybrid concept car. That's right, the maker of beautiful moving art will be going green soon with an 897 HP supercar that will also save the world.

7 Supercar Roma Auto Show: Rome, Italy - October 2015


Hot and fiery with everything needed to get your engines roaring and your blood pressure rising in excitement. Most of the cars are red and fast. The models have the look and temperament to match the works of art that they're selling you.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? A dream for lovers of Motorsports and one of a kind cars from Italy, Germany and around the world. This is the place to be in order to see how the need to go green is transcending the realm of the supercar. Drive around in the beautiful alps and unpaved countryside in one of the off road 4x4s not shown anywhere else. Experience drifting as you sit beside professional stunt drivers. Race alongside the biggest stars on any circuit in the world the way the pros do with professional simulators. Sit back and enjoy professional stunt drivers as they perform live in the external arena. This show has everything.

6 Bologna Motor Show: Bologna, Italy - December 2014


Like many shows in Europe, The Bologna Auto Show occurs every second year with the last one in 2014. We could have shown you sultry, elegant, fiery, hot blooded and all sorts of women one typically associates with Italy. Instead we went with this because it's just irresistible. These one of a kind models in an otherwise traditional Auto Show are like an invitation to some kind of fantasy waiting to happen.

What would these models tell you about the show and the cars? Cars are great, but Italians love zipping around on their little motorbikes and this show has loads of that as well. See the sultry lines that Italian cars are known for and indulge in the Ferrari museum showcasing this country's best from that last century and this one.

5 North American International Auto Show: Detroit, USA - January 2016


Not only is this the show for North American cars, but it has to have the hottest models of any show in the continental USA. Just try to resist this baby faced doll as you look at the latest creations from Mazda. Zoom, Zoom! Too bad Mazda got rid of that slogan and replaced it with the boring 'Driving Matters', because they got the old slogan right with this one.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? North America still produces some great cars, and they usually unveil them here. No show on this side of the world is more hyped. Not only are cars shown, but the show gives back to everyone using the media attention it receives by raising funds for worthwhile causes. Want to see what America has to offer? Check out the latest supercar, the Ford GT, unveiled here. The last time you saw this car, Ford's slogan was 'have you driven a Ford lately?' If you look at the new GT, you'll wonder why that slogan went away because it's jaw dropping and awesome with 600hp and a modest sticker price of $485K.

4 Qatar Motor Show: Qatar - January 2016


How is this one for unorthodox? There is seemingly someone for literally every type of person ready to answer questions on this Audi. You have the buxom blonde, the traditionally dressed woman, the businessman and the sheik. In an attempt to please everyone the vendor is probably offending everyone, as someone in this picture is going to offend someone's ideals whether you are traditional or modern in this crazy world where everyone wants everyone to be the same as them.

What would these models tell you about the show and the cars? A small show with roughly 100,000 visitors, it caters to the neighboring gulf states. Small in attendance but big on the quality of cars displayed. They pay no taxes there, and they pay their manual laborers nothing, so they can afford anything and they want the best. Admission is free like everything else in the country, and outside the hall doors you can enjoy motocross and drifting demos, then come back into the well air-conditioned halls.

3 New York Auto Show: New York City - March 2016


This is actually a good picture representing what these models are paid for. She is probably not blowing kisses, although many in the audience wouldn't mind. She is demonstrating and explaining the wonderful features of the SUV you see in front of you. Unlike the other models, the lady is modestly dressed, with only her arms visible. This is not the norm of the show but evidently the look that this seemingly upscale car vendor went for.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? The big apple is still the greatest city ever (if you're from New York), attracting the hippest and smartest people on the planet. It's no wonder then that this is the place where many showcase their newest creations to the world, before anywhere else. One of the most exciting cars showcased was Hollywood's favorite, the Toyota Prius Prime. What better way to zip around the crowded streets of New York City then the hybrid that made it cool to love the world again. Of course the car still looks the same as it did when introduced 5 years ago, no matter what anyone says, but it will also get 120 mpg, a 25% increase from the last model. That's exciting if you live in any crowded city.

2 Moscow International Auto Show: Moscow - August 2014


A country that once dominated the mail order bride market just proved that they still have what it takes to continue their lead in that domain. The legs are superlative in that short skirt, the stare is icy cold, just like January in Moscow. I'm sure the Accord is a nice car, too.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? A biennial show last presented in 2014, it is not only where you get to see the latest Russian creations from Lada, but the location of many European debuts from Asian and North American automakers who are switching to what is now the largest car market in Europe as their showcase. Gas is expensive in Western Europe. People drive small cars there. The Russian car market is similar to the North American market, so the latest Accord, or Camry or Cadillac, is more likely to be introduced here.

1 Bangkok International Motor Show: Bangkok, Thailand - April 2016


No Auto Show produced as much difficulty in selecting a perfect model than this one. Multiple articles could have been produced using the women from this show alone. Can there possibly be anyone more physically perfect than her? She is just one of many here in Bangkok.

What would this model tell you about the show and the cars? This show is all about the women. Sure it has cars, but not one of them makes its world or even Asian debut here. So unless you live in Thailand, there is only one reason to come here and you won't be disappointed.

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