1,341 Horsepower Toroidion 1MW Unveiled at Top Marques Monaco

Top Marques Monaco

When it comes to luxury, Top Marques Mocano is the place where the best of the best is unveiled to the entire world. Every April since 2003, top-of-the-line supercars, yachts, aircraft, jewellery and countless other luxury products are revealed to the public for the very first time, and since the event's inception in 2003, has been drawing increasingly large crowds, attracting 36,000 visitors in 2014. From Lamborghini to Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley, Saleen and even automakers you've never heard of before, Top Marques features companies on the cutting edge of automotive technology. This year in particular there's a lot to be excited about, and we got an exclusive first look.

One of the hottest unveilings at the 2015 edition of Top Marques is the hand-made, fully electric Toroidion 1MW supercar. The car was teased by the Finnish company in February of 2015 and has since garnered lots of attention based on claims that the all-electric car will produce a jaw-dropping 1,341 hp, or 1,000 kW, which is what inspired the 1MW name. How the car achieves such ridiculous power has yet to be fully explained, but just the sight of this beautiful piece of machinery should be enough to stop anyone lucky enough to be walking by.

Comparisons have been drawn between the Toroidion 1MW and the Swedish-built Koenigsegg One:1 which boasts an identical power output and has been labeled "the world's first mega-car." While Toroidion claims the 1MW was built with light-weight materials and offers "scalable performance" to the One:1, what's really impressive is that it achieves this kind of otherworldly power using only electricity, as opposed to the Koenigsegg's conventional (yet obscenely powerful) 5.0-liter aluminum V8. This battle seems to be a case of perfecting existing technology versus leaping into the future with revolutionary advancements in battery power.

Whether the 1MW will be able to match or even come close to the One:1's ridiculous 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, there's no taking away the fact that this is a simply beautiful car to look at. The sweeping style of the retro body and gull-wing doors give it the look of a 1960s Jaguar thrust into the future. Although it's clear that this version is only a prototype, the car's aesthetic is brilliant, with its classic look undercutting the amount of technology hidden beneath the skin. The clean lines are a pleasure for the eyes and there are barely any visible joints on the car's body, save for a thin panel on the hood giving access to electrical components. Overall, the MW1 has an incredibly smooth look that is somewhat deceiving given the monstrous power under the proverbial hood.

While details are still scarce about the car's powertrain, Toroidion founder Pasi Pennanen has stated that his intention with the 1MW was to create an "electric powertrain suitable for comfortable daily driving as well as for serious Le Mans racing, where safety and performance come first.” While that seems like an extremely tall order to fill, further testing should reveal lots more about the 1MW's capabilities and whether its battery-swap technology will prove practical enough to support the car during the 24 hour Le Mans race. It's a project Pennanen started in 2011 and it looks like the Toroidion 1MW is on the road to success.

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