10 Mini Driveable Cars for Kids

The luxury car market for mini cars are not the cheap plastic Fisher Price cars that have a mind numbing top speeds of 5 mph, these exotic cars are hand made from composite materials. Many of the cars mentioned below are created exactly like full-size exotic vehicles, hand-made with fine precision to make sure every aspect is of the highest quality. These cars are a great gift for the future millionaire or millionaires in your family. These cars have gas powered engines ranging from 110cc air cooled 4 stroke single cylinder quad bike engines to Honda engines made to order.

For adults who are a children at heart, most of these cars have a fully adjustable pedal boxes, making these cars suitable for drivers from 10 through 80 years old. The UK Pocket Classic Cars can even be modified for a 6 foot tall driver. These cars have an average speed of 45 mph but can be electronically limited before delivery if you have children. The top speed of some of these cars personally modified have an unrestricted speed of 80 mph, which is pretty incredible considering the scale of these cars.

There are a wide variety of options available to the mini car buyer just like there are for full scale cars. Some of the options available are speedometers, leather interiors, fitted car covers, twin exhausts and many other options.

The UK Pocket Classic cars include a one year warranty for the parts. The lead time from order to delivery is usually 12 to 16 weeks to build and deliver if there are no backlogs. Group Harrington mini cars are available with front or mid engines depending on the model.

Mini cars make the ultimate gift for the child or adult who appreciates classic cars. If you are a huge fan of cars, these mini replicas are identical to the originals from a distance. The exclusivity purchasing junior cars is growing. Luxury dealerships sometimes have junior cars displayed in the showroom as a gimmick to entice future child customers. If you are a child of the 1980's wouldn't you be have been thrilled to have received a junior car replica that looks like the original?

The prices seen in this article represent the base price the miniature vehicle would start at. With many different features that can be added as well as customizations that can be made, prices are sure to vary.

The beginner Mercedes Benz for your son or daughter. This 3-cylinder gas engine can reach speeds of 30 mph. Designed and manufactured by the Harrington Group a company based in the UK and Vietnam. The SL series was introduced in 1963 at the Geneva Auto Show, the first model was the 230 SL. The next model to follow was the 250 SL with a larger engine, the 280 SL was the third version introduced in 1971, a sporty and luxurious car at the time. The original retails for around $52,067.

9 Cobra: $13,342

Modeled after the AC Cobra known as the Shelby Cobra in the U.S. This British inspired American roadster debuted in 1962, it was produced from 1962 to the present. The grown up version has a Bristol straight 6 engine designed in the UK, the rest of the car was manufactured in Detroit. The Shelby Cobra retails from $882,440 to $1,094,300, but the mini version can be purchased for a fraction of the cost, with a fraction of the prestige.

This mini version Cobra has a top speed of 80 mph, this is electronically limited to 45 mph. Almost as fast as some real cars this Cobra will certainly attract attention at the playground.

8 Roadster: $20,012

The mini Roadster is built by the Morgan Motor Company based in Worcestershire, England. This company was inspired by the 1940's British classic once the world’s fastest production car. The modern reproduced Roadster 3.7 can be purchased for $76,609 including the VAT. The mini Roadster can be ordered with an electronic speed of 6 mph for the safety of children, the true top speed is 80 mph.

7 250 California Spyder: $20,845

The Ferrari 250 was a sports car built from 1953 to 1964. Several variants were produced, it was replaced by the 275 and 330. The average value of this vehicle is a whooping $7,382,750 at the present date, now spending $20,845 for this mini car does not seem so high.

6 Ferrari F40: $25,000

The full sized 2 door coupe was built from 1987 to 1992, only 1,315 were manufactured making this an exclusive item. The F40 originally retailed from $400,000 the most expensive Ferrari at the time. Today this car has sold for as much as $1.6 million.

The one of a kind junior Ferrari F40 can carry two children, it was a promo car built in Germany for the first Ferrari dealership in Moscow. The mini Ferrari has an 80cc Honda engine and can travel in excess of 50 mph. For the price of $25,000 this is as close as the majority of people on the planet will come to owning the F40. If you have dreams of your child being the next Michael Schumacher, consider investing in this mini car.

5 Ferrari GT: $25,016

The California Spyder LWB is a classic Ferrari sports car introduced in 1957 for export to North America. It was Scaglietti’s interpretation of an open top GT that made this car a hot seller. There were only 50 versions made before it was replaced by the SWB. This model classic model was auctioned for $4.9 million in Monterey, California in 2007.

You as a consumer can have your very own Ferrari GT for a fraction of a price if you purchase the mini version. The perfect gift for the child who aspires to be a multi millionaire in the future.

4 Aston Martin DB Junior: $27,000

The Aston Martin DB Junior is modeled after the DB4 built in 1956. The components used in fabrication were all new at the time. The four seater body was designed by Carrozzeria Touring of Milan. The DB4 Coupe sells for $374,935 if you can get your hands on an original.

You too can own the Aston Martin, the iconic car popularized in the 1964 film Goldfinger. The Aston Martin DB Junior is a gas powered 110cc four stroke engine, Brembo disc brakes, and a 3-speed semi-automatic gearbox. This mini car is for the adult or child who appreciates sophistication, even in its more diminutive form. Drape an ascot around your child’s neck and clothe him or her in a sports coat  and that's all that is needed to complete this classic look.

3 Spirit: $27,528

The Spirit mini car is another sport coupe available for the boy and girl in all of us. This model comes in a beautiful metallic gray colour. Available from Pocket Classics the UK company.

2 DP4 Super Go Kart: $50,000

This one of a kind mini car has a top speed of 150 mph, which makes this mini car more for the big kid. This car would make the perfect getaway car for a small bank robbery because you could easily maneuver through congested traffic and the car comes in black which is a perfect camouflage color. This car is reminiscent of a mini Batmobile. If you don’t have the billions of Bruce Wayne you can purchase this car to fulfill your childhood dreams.

1 Auto Union Type A Grand Prix: $100,000

This car was commissioned by a European car collector in 2009. The Auto Union is made to ⅔ scale. I am sure the very wealthy car collector built this car for his children and not himself. There you have it, for the price of a Mercedes Benz full scale street legal vehicle you can own a mini car for the same price.

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