Articles by Yakir Pimentel

The Poorest

10 Youngest Military Forces In The World

In 2008, the United States Government passed a law called the Child Soldier Protection Act (CSPA). The law was enacted in an effort to curb the employment of an estimated 300,000 child soldiers by rea...

The Biggest

The World's 5 Biggest Ongoing War Zones

Often, when citing how bad or hostile a certain situation has become, we refer to it as a ‘war zone’. Military conflicts, areas of protest, gang-member clashes, and even personal disputes could be ref...

The Poorest

10 Worst National Education Systems

The United Nations' Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) Educational Development Index (EDI) tends to attract most attention for the countries that perform at the very top. Fir...


5 Biggest Rebellions of the Past Decade

As a civil war rages in Syria, rebellions are currently sweeping through both Ukraine and Bosnia & Herzegovina. These three clashes between people and state have the possibility to turn into a ful...