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15 Ugly CEOs With Smoking Hot Daughters


According to TIME Magazine, CEOs with daughters score higher in tests on “corporate social responsibility” metrics such as diversity, community, employee relations, product, environment, and human rights. That’s good news …

15 Ugly Politicians With Smoking Hot Wives


More or less, politics is Hollywood for people who are too ugly to be in Hollywood. The endless partisan battles that play out on our television screens gives millions of …

15 BIG Cash Prizes Just Waiting To Be Claimed


You could probably retire on the prize money from many of the contests, challenges, lotteries, and sweepstakes on this list. If not retire, you’d enjoy a very sizeable windfall to …

15 YouTubers Who Make Over $3000 Every Day


Ever think it would be pretty awesome to bank a cool $1 million USD yearly just filming, editing, and uploading a vlog to YouTube every couple of days? That’s what …

15 Ugly Politicians With Smoking Hot Daughters


They say politics is Hollywood for ugly people. The more cynical among us agree: If you’re a convincing actor and good at saying your lines, but not quite good looking …