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Kylie Jenner Has An Insane Amount Of Wigs


Kylie Jenner changes her hairstyles like other women change the clothes they wear. She is able to achieve this because she has a walk-in closet to store her collection of wigs that is part of the area...

Adele Turns 30 With A 'Titanic' Bash [Photo]


Adele just turned 30, and she really knows how to throw a birthday bash. Her party was themed after one of the greatest movies and box office successes of all time Titanic, which starred Kate Winslet ...

Angelina Jolie Embraces Her Age

Pop Culture

Angelina Jolie has an amazing philosophy about life in regards to aging. Not only is she not the least bit worried about aging, she actually embraces it. In spite of being carefree about developing wr...

How Christina Aguilera Reinvented Herself

Pop Culture

Christine Aguilera gained worldwide attention with her self-titled album released in 1999. After its debut, it went on to sell millions of copies. At the time she was only 19 years old. Since then, sh...

Who Is Elon Musk & Why Is He Famous?


Elon Musk is a Canadian-American, who was born in South Africa. As a child, he often dreamed of space travel, thinking that since humans landed on the Moon there would be inevitable progress towards s...

Jay-Z In Legal Trouble For Sale Of Company


About ten years ago, the Iconix Brand Group bought Jay-Z's apparel company Rocawear for $204 million. In more recent times, the Iconix Brand Group ran afoul with the Securities Exchange Commission (SE...

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