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100 Most Classic Seinfeld Quotes

For a show about nothing, there's more than enough classic quotes from Seinfeld to use in regular conversation. This list will aim to get 100 of them down for your amusement. The crazy thing, is that ...


Top 4 Reasons the New NHL Playoff Format Sucks

The NHL playoffs are a glorious time of the year, a time to see what the 16 teams who made it are made of. The 82 game battle of the regular season is done and these 16 teams are battle tested and rea...

Sports (old)

Top 5 Sports Clichés

Sports interviews are sometimes as entertaining as the game that was just played. Put a camera and a microphone in front of noted big mouths like Terrell Owens or Sean Avery and you'll always get a go...


The Death of Offensive Hockey is Coming

Set plays in any sport take the idea of practicing one moment so often and so repetitively that when it comes to that moment in a game, you will execute it to perfection. What happens when the whole g...


Top 5 NHL Players with Awkward Skating Styles

Ever hear an announcer or analyst criticize a hockey player by saying that he is good but isn’t the greatest skater? Greatest skater?! There are quite a few things that you have to do well to be an NH...