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30 Times Celebs Let Their Children Show Way Too Much

Victoria Clark

A true New Yorker, Victoria prefers gypsy cabs to Uber, thinks Entenmann's is a food group, and the only Jamaica she's been to is in Queens.

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15 Celebrities You Don’t Want To Use The Bathroom After

Victoria Clark

In a world filled with over-sharing on social media, TMI between friends, and WikiLeaks, we feel totally comfortable discussing bathroom habits because nothing is taboo anymore. Pop culture enthusiasts trace …

Who’s Hotter? 25 Best Battles Of The Blondes

Victoria Clark

No place is more superficial than Hollywood, unless it’s the Internet. Where else can you get away with dissecting not only people’s talent, but also their looks? Pundits think it …

Who’s Hotter? 15 Hollywood Blondes Vs. Brunettes

Victoria Clark

Do gentleman really prefer blondes? It’s a question as old as time, but the debate keeps raging. Brunettes are usually considered more serious and sophisticated, while blondes are usually considered …

15 Ways To Score A Sugar Mama

Victoria Clark

The world of sugaring is growing each day. It usually involves an older gentleman taking care of a sweet young thing. However, men are starting to realize that this sort …

15 Times Celebrity Sisters Got Too Touchy-Feely

Victoria Clark

Every guy has a fantasy about seeing two girls together. It’s a double-your-pleasure, double-your-fun kind of thing. But when those two girls are sisters, the allure is magnified a hundred …

Can You Name This Famous Homewrecker?

Victoria Clark

Hollywood is the land of dream chasers, love takers, heart breakers and especially homewreckers. For every happy couple out there, there are about ten disastrous ones. After all, the average …

15 Must-See Pics Of Paris Jackson All Grown Up

Victoria Clark

Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson, is on fire right now. She just made the cover of Rolling Stone at 18 years of age, and is riveting everyone with her unique beauty, inquisitive …

Booby Trap! 20 Celebs, You Can’t Help But Look

Victoria Clark

Sneaking a peek at some cleavage is the last of life’s cheap thrills. It’s like picking a four-leaf clover. It’s like finding a shiny new penny on the sidewalk – …

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