Articles by Veronica Fyer-Morrel

5 Most Criminal Cities in the World

The Poorest

A number of unfortunate factors come together to create crime epidemics in any city. The most crime-ridden cities in the world all share significant political instability, which perpetuates crime and ...

Hollywood's 5 Most Expensive Movie Scenes Ever


Creating a Hollywood blockbuster is far more complex than one might expect. It's easy to focus only on the starring actors, but behind the finished product lies months and often years of hard work. A ...

10 Richest Billionaires Around The World

World Money

As 2014 hurdles along, Forbes has tracked this year's richest billionaires, whose fortunes far surpass what the average person might make in a hundred lifetimes. Using a set date in 2014, Forbes locks...

10 Surprisingly Tiny Male Celebrities

Celebrity Money

Judging people based on their height can be reductionist - pardon the pun - but it’s still interesting to see how our impressions of people are altered when we know how many inches of space they occup...

The World's 5 Most Dangerous Cocktails

The Biggest

There are many differences between doing a keg stand and sipping a fancy cocktail – but waking up the next morning with a killer headache is a crucial similarity. Especially given the creation of “ove...

5 of the Shortest Ever Iconic Novels

Most Popular

Reading for pleasure often seems like an elusive aspiration. Other obligations such as work or school can often eclipse the satisfaction that comes with reading – and actually finishing! – a good work...

10 Reasons Leslie Knope Is An American Heroine


Television often contributes to our beliefs about how men and women should behave. Too frequently, depictions of women can be quite limited. Much of the time, women can either be ambitious or married;...

5 Wise Lessons from "Wealth Wizards"

Job & Salaries

Most people aim to be the most successful they can be. It is important to remember that success means something different to everyone and comes in many forms. And yet, it does often appear that, espec...

The 5 Richest Women in America in 2014

National Money

The United States’ wealthiest women have been getting richer and richer. Every year, the Forbes 400 list marks the 400 richest people in America. In 2012, the combined net worth of the ten richest wom...

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