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5 Biggest Celebrity Family Feuds


All families have their share of drama, that’s for sure. As the saying goes, “you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family”. Whether it’s a lifelong sibling rivalry or the butting hea...

People Maya Angelou Paved the Way For

Most Influential

Rarely in life is there a person who shines brightly in a multitude of areas. Singer, dancer, activist, writer, historian, teacher…Maya Angelou was a widely talented force to be reckoned with. A woman...

10 Outrageous Celebrity Wedding Dresses


A wedding day is a magical, beautiful occasion for all involved. There’s the gorgeous, blushing bride all dressed up in white and the handsome groom who patiently awaits her. Even the guests at most w...

The 10 Books Billionaires Read

Most Influential

Many argue that books are the most powerful weapons in the world. Why? Well, they teach us, they inspire us, they engage us, they motivate us, and they broaden previous ways of thinking. Virtually, ev...

Sweet Tooth: 5 Popular Dessert Spots of the Rich


Americans are known for their love of desserts. The common phrase “It’s as American as apple pie” proves our country’s cultural appetite for the sweet. For the most part, everyone points the finger at...

7 Mysterious Mass Disappearances

The Biggest

Sadly, most days when you turn on the news, there will be the face of someone being reported missing. All around America, missing persons are reported each and every day. In fact, the Federal Bureau o...

5 Countries Where Monarchs Still Rule

Rich Countries

To most people, kings, queens, princes, and princesses belong in the world of fairytales. Tons of little girls across America and the world grow up dreaming of being princesses. However, there are man...

10 Little Known Facts About Russell Crowe


This year’s biblical epic movie, Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky opened at #1 in the weekend box office bringing in an estimated $44 million in theater ticket sales. The drama depicts the scriptura...

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