Articles by Tracey Dawkins


24 VERY Short-Lived TV Sitcoms

A strong storyline with a handful of interesting characters are the basis of a classic sitcom. Maybe the producers responsible for the sitcoms on this list should bear that in mind...otherwise they wi...


18 Awkward Political Moments

These backbones of the nation are ALWAYS cool, calm and ready for hard-hitting questions...well maybe not always. Here are some clips of very awkward moments that make you want to laugh-out-loud...or reach for the sick bucket.


20 Singers Who Got Booed On Stage

Singers live for the stage; the buzz they give to their fans is such an adrenalin rush - but hold on one minute, what if the fans are less than satisfied with their 'idol's' performance? Find out from...


10 Possible Reasons Why Solange Knowles Hit Jay-Z

Last Monday, a leaked video from celebrity gossip website TMZ showed Solange lashing out all on Jay-Z at the Met Gala after party in New York's Standard Hotel. Since then, the two 'apparently' kissed ...