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Job & Salaries

Five Unique Careers That Are A Ton Of Fun

Eight hours can seem like an eternity when you’re working a job that you don’t like. When you’re bored at work, time doesn’t only stand still – sometimes it appears to go backward. Studies show that b...


How To Choose An Apartment You Can Afford

The rental price for apartments in the United States varies as much as the rental properties themselves, and can range from several hundred to a few thousand dollars a month. Depending on location, th...


How Much Do You Actually Pay For A Mortgage?

The American Dream of home ownership means different things to different people. According to Zillow.com, nearly 29.3 percent of homeowners -- or 21 million Americans -- completely paid off their mort...

Job & Salaries

The Five Lowest-Paying Jobs in America

The lowest paying jobs in America are also some of the most in demand jobs in the country, and they account for some of the highest U.S. employment levels. The combination of these factors is both promising and troubling.

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