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10 Disney Movies with Horrifying Origins

Children's movies are fun and lighthearted with a feel good moral thrown in for good measure. Full of bubbly music and princesses with gorgeous gowns, the nightmare under the story can easily pass by ...


10 Beautiful 'Off The Grid' Homes

Big cities and luxuries aren't for everybody. If you're someone who enjoys the outdoors and a simple life, maybe its time to consider moving off the grid. Its not just for criminals anymore. The Homes...

Most Shocking

10 Deaths That Happened at Theme Parks

We go to theme parks for the thrill and sense of adventure, but like a good horror movie we know it's safe, right? The presence of G-forces only trick our brain into thinking we are in mortal danger b...


10 Creepiest Ancient Egyptian Curses

In ancient Egypt, curses were placed on sacred objects and possessions to stop people from disturbing them. The curse is what will happen to anyone who doesn't heed the warning. The first people to fe...


10 Controversial Movies That Were Banned

The history of film is full of movies that were banned for explicit scenes or excessive violence. The movies are banned by film censorship or review organizations often for moral or political reasons....

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10 Shocking Celebrity Re-Casts

It's easy to sometimes forget that celebrities are people too, with jobs just like the rest of us. Celebrities may be in the public eye and grace our TV screens every week but they still are required ...


The 10 Most Intriguing Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are rampant in our society, although they can be controversial to talk. It's fun to speculate how events may have happened or secrets hidden from society, but in reality conspiracy...

The Biggest

10 Of The Biggest Hoaxes In The World

Over time many people have perpetrated elaborate hoaxes in order to achieve money, fame or simply just to trick people for personal amusement. On the first day of April every year thousands partake in...


The 10 Coolest Places To Work

When most people think of office buildings rows of cubicles, fluorescent lighting and lots of beige walls come to mind. These dull spaces can put even the most ambitious employees into a work induced ...

Most Expensive

The 10 Most Expensive Gemstones

All through history humans have worn jewellery and placed value on pretty things. The first necklaces and bracelets were made of bits of shell, rocks and even bone left over from hunting expeditions. ...

Most Expensive

The 10 Most Expensive Printing Mistakes

For the book worms among us, there is nothing more satisfying than finding an amusing typo in a best selling book. Publishing company misprints can be embarrassing and costly to the bottom line and co...

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