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9 Celebrities That Don't Know How To Drive

Learning to drive a car is a fundamental step in life when you are an American teenager living in today's entitled society. Being able to drive a car gives a young person the freedom to go and explore...

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Pushing The Limits Of Presidential Vacations

Being President of the United States of America is probably best characterized as being one of the most stressful jobs in the world. It is not surprising that Presidents as far back as Madison to curr...

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15 Largest Man Made Disasters

It is quite appalling when one realizes how detrimental humans have been to this earth that we presently inhabit. A lot of man made disasters are created out of the greediness of corporations that do ...


10 Geniuses And The Drugs They Used

There are smart people and then there are geniuses. Smart people are those that are above average when it comes to intelligence, while geniuses are those that have excelled above and beyond in not onl...

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12 Of The Strangest Celebrity Hookups

It's only in Hollywood where the most unlikely of people have hooked up. It seems like once someone lands their feet in stardom the dating pool is fair game. If you are rich enough you can simply have...


18 Celebrities Who Used Surrogacy

In today's present world, the possibilities are endless for couples who are wishing to expand their family. The use of surrogacy or gestational carrier has become a very popular way for couples to sti...


10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Farmers

There are many celebrities that enjoy living in the limelight and prefer to live in the hills of Hollywood or in the fast-paced life of New York. However, there are many celebrities that like to resid...


20 Ocean Creatures You Didn't Know Exist

The sea offers an abundance of unique creatures that most people have never seen. From the one inch long blue dragon that will pierce you with its toxins to the giant squid that many believed to be ju...


Hollywood's Top 10 Actors/Producers

There comes a point in every actor's career when they decide if they are being truly fulfilled with acting or should they consider other ventures that may make them happy. Many actors are attracted to...


20 Magical Disney Dream Portraits

Disney has partnered up with acclaimed photographer, Annie Leibovitz, creating a series of Disney Dream Portraits. The series first started in 2007 and features beautiful portraits of celebrities port...


15 Celebrities Who Have Aged Well

Most of them don't look a day over 40 when in actuality all of them are aged 50 and over. When it comes to keeping up their appearance, most of the actors that you see here claim to of not had any maj...


22 Celebrities who Have Posed for Playboy

The female form has been appreciated since the beginning of history. It is not surprising that Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine was an instant success when it was created back in 1953.  No matter what t...


20 Crazy Rules NFL Cheerleaders Have To Follow

Being an NFL cheerleader isn't as easy as it looks. Here are 20 crazy and intimate rules that have been released from the Cincinnati Ben-Gals, the Buffalo Jills and the Baltimore Ravens cheerleader handbook.


10 Of The Ultimate Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is a time when students can flock to warmer weather climates and enjoy a week break from their studies. These spring break festivities trace their roots all the way back to ancient Greece...


Top 10 Eco-Conscious Luxury Brands

It can be quite alarming to find out how harmful fashion is to the environment. The materials used to produce the beautiful fashion designs that most fantasize about when flipping through a magazine a...

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