Articles by Stefanie Kalaitzakis


Women Shouldn't Vote So Trump Can Win #RepealThe19th

It's official, we've seen it all. This U.S. Presidential Election will go down in history as the moment the stupidity and ignorance of humanity shined through all of our doubts and removed any hope we had of saving our race from self-destruction.


Kim Kardashian Was Robbed At Gunpoint

She was "badly shaken, but physically unharmed," is what Kim's spokeswoman had to say regarding the traumatic incident. Yes, it's Kim K. and no one will ever take her seriously, but this could not have been fun.


Top 25 Hottest Celebs Under 25

Disney child stars… Disney child stars everywhere. It’s the year 2016 and they’re all ‘growing up’. Youngsters everywhere are running around looking and acting like adults, and the rest of us get to p...


10 Reasons Gamers Are Actually Amazing In Bed

In case you aren’t aware, there are many benefits to being a gamer, and even more benefits to sleeping with one. Let’s face it, when it comes to the bedroom, it’s hard to find someone who can do the j...


Megan Fox’s 15 Hottest Movie Moments

Ever since Stacey's mom had it going on, any mom that was attractive enough to induce sexual fantasies in young boys has become quite the popular subject. So much so that they've inspired many terms t...


The 15 Hottest Pics Of Kelly Brook

Remember that terrible movie where a bunch of prehistoric piranha fish attack ‘innocent’ spring breakers? Well, you probably didn’t notice a hidden gem among those teens. Nah… you definitely noticed h...


12 Jobs Every Man Dreams Of Having

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up? Chances are, your choice has changed throughout the years, and probably more than once. As real life sets in, our dream jobs kind of fall by the...


14 Movies Marvel Wants You To Forget

Superheros, supervillains, special powers, action, adventure… the comic universe is anything but boring. Whoever says they never ran around as kids pretending to have superpowers is lying. And it’s be...


The 14 Hottest Movie Cosplays

Reality… who needs it? If only there was a way to make our fantasies come true. Not having to rely on books and imagination, not being limited to a 2D image on a TV screen, what could be better? Well,...


A 10 Step Guide To Teasing Her

From the beginning of time there has been one constant in our society: man’s desperate (and often feeble) effort to understand the woman beside him. For millions of years, men and women have been inte...