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The 15 Most Overrated NFL Players of 2014/15

What does it mean to be an overrated player in the NFL? To answer that, you have to take a look at who is doing the overrating. A team’s rabid fanbase, football fans in general, headline-hungry sports...


The 10 Best-Selling Infomercial Products of All Time

The best-selling infomercial products are an interesting bunch. Not that you've spent endless hours watching television or staring blankly at the box in a middle-of-the-night zombie state or anything, but you've likely seen a few of these beauties.

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Top 12 ESPN Body Issue Photos

A shot across Sports Illustrated and their Swimsuit Issue’s bow, the ESPN Body Issue has been published yearly since 2009. Predictably, the annual spread of photos of the athletes in the buff has been incredibly well received.


The 10 Best Ballstrikers on the PGA Tour

How do you figure out who the best ballstrikers on the PGA Tour are? Here’s one method: Look at the greens-in-regulation leaders for the past five years. Note how many times a player appears in the to...


The Real Top 10 Biggest Hitters on the PGA Tour

How do you figure out who the longest hitters on the PGA Tour are? Here's one method: Look at the driving distance stats for the past five years. Note how many times a player appears in the top 10. Th...


The 10 Best Putters on the PGA Tour

The best putters on the PGA Tour have an incredible penchant for making putts. The best of the best make 98 percent of their putts from inside five feet and 90 percent of those inside 10 feet.


Tiger Woods' Top 5 Scandals

In his nearly 20 years on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods has been involved in a number of high-profile scandals. And some of them even involved his actions on the golf course.


Tiger Woods' Worst Rounds Ever

Even the greatest sportsmen of all time have off days. Tiger Woods, arguably the best golfer of all time, is no exception to this. Woods, whose unadjusted scoring average in 2000 was 68.17, has fired ...


The 8 Golfers With the Most Green Jackets

It's hard to win a green jacket. Just ask Greg Norman, whose heartbreaking meltdowns at the tournament provided the enduring images of his professional career. Win more than one Masters and you join a...


The Best Golfer on Each Major Brand's Roster

All golf brands are not created equal. However, at the highest level, most tour-issued equipment is relatively similar. Indeed, many of the players on this list have won golf tournaments with more than one company's clubs and balls.

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