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The 15 Best NHL Players on Teams That Suck

There are an abundance of NHL players stuck on a bad team, in an organization with no vision or on a team that's rebuilding. When the playoffs come around, these players cannot be seen, unable to show...


10 Wrestlers Whose Bodies Broke Down

Professional wrestling may be scripted, but it's as physical as any sport out there. No brand of entertainment takes its toll on performers' bodies the way pro wrestling does. In what other industry a...


Handing Out 10 NFL Mid-Season Awards

Where has the time gone? We're already at the midway point of the 2014 NFL season and we're still trying to process what we're seeing. Could the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks miss the playoff...


The 12 Biggest Contract Bargains in the NHL

Building a team from within your organization is of the utmost importance in today's NHL. Cherry picking star players from other teams is no longer an option in the salary cap era. Teams that develop ...


Top 10 Most Exciting World Series of All Time

It's October and baseball fans are set for the Fall Classic. The World Series is the main event in what many consider to be the best sports month of the year. The Kansas City Royals and San Francisco ...


The 10 Worst Teams To Win The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the richest prize in football and the most famous championship in North America. With an NFL season being just 16 games and the playoffs being single-game elimination, that leaves ro...


Top 5 Early 2014 NFL MVP Candidates

We aren't too far away from the midway point of this NFL season and we're still trying to figure things out. The San Diego Chargers and Dallas Cowboys are looking like Super Bowl contenders, the Seatt...


Top 10 Weirdest WWE Tag Team Champions

Sometimes, when WWE's creative department can't think of anything for singles competitors, they'll throw a random tag team together. Most of the time it's a disaster, as adjusting to tag team wrestlin...


The 10 Best Trash-Talkers in WWE History

The bell-to-bell action is only part of what makes professional wrestling special. You need compelling characters and those characters have to be able to bring it on the mic. If a wrestler doesn't hav...

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The 10 Most Religious Athletes in Sports

For as long as sports has been around, there have been many athletes open about their faith and not afraid to express it to the world. Whether it's been something as simple as thanking God after a tou...


The 10 Greatest Returns in WWE History

It's one of the greatest feelings as a wrestling fan when a big name returns. Whether it's due to injury or time off from the ring, the absence of a top star can help them come back fresh to much anti...

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Top 10 Wild Card Team Runs in MLB History

While many have mixed feelings on Bud Selig, if there's one thing he did right in his tenure, it was adding the wild card. Since Major League Baseball introduced the wild card playoff spot, in additio...

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