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Top 10 Brazilian Performances in World Cup History

Since 2002, Brazil has managed to maintain the bragging rights of being the most successful nation in World Cup history with five Jules Rimet trophy wins, and some incredible performances along the way that are etched forever in World Cup folklore.


Top 10 Groups of Designated Players in the MLS

For each team competing in Major League Soccer, a maximum of three Designated Players – or players that can exceed the league’s maximum individual salary – can fill up roster spots. More often than no...


Top 10 Goalkeepers in the MLS

The MLS is not exactly known for being among the top leagues in world football, and their pool of players only do so much to refute that claim. However, certain aspects of the league – at least in ter...


Top 10 Highest-Scoring NHL Olympians

The introduction of NHL hockey players playing for their respective countries during the Olympics has seen strong arguments both for and against it. Some say it’s great to see NHLers put their club ri...


Top 10 Best MLS Players from Foreign Teams

Major League Soccer has been referred to as one of the fastest growing leagues in soccer, just as the game itself is growing rapidly in North America. However, some more cynical soccer purists refer t...

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