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Top 10 Biting Incidents in Sports

In the heat of the moment, sports can sometimes make athletes get caught up in their emotions and do pretty dumb things to their opponents. Over the years, biting opponents has proven to be no excepti...


Top 10 French Footballers Since the '98 World Cup

France’s victory on home soil at the 1998 World Cup – a 3-0 win over Brazil at the Stade de France – is arguably France’s biggest footballing triumph, if not one of their greatest sporting triumphs. S...


The 10 Richest Drummers in the World

The drummer is the backbone for most rock bands, period. A rock song without a guy keeping time and dropping some fills and solos in between would be very, very different. It’s no surprise, then, that...


The 10 Shortest Players in the MLS

Soccer is one of those sports that works just as well for shorter players as it does for taller ones. In fact, some of the best players in the sport in Europe are quite vertically challenged: for exam...


Top 10 Footballers to Play into Their 40s

Most footballers hang up their cleats once they’ve made it to their mid-30s, while others prove to be nothing short of evergreen, continuing their playing days until their 40s and continually playing ...


Top 10 Managers in the MLS Right Now

The MLS is distinctive in the sense that many of the coaches are about as old as some of the league’s best players. Furthermore, save for two Colombians, one Welshman and one Kiwi, every coach in the ...


Top 10 Most Memorable World Cups Ever

The World Cup has given us tournaments every four years that make us stand up from our seat, gaze in awe and scream with excitement. Other times, it can make us sad, devastated, or just plain bored. E...


Top 10 Greatest Goalkeepers in World Cup History

The World Cup often focuses on the outfield players – more specifically, the ones who get goals and create chances that become the most dazzling plays of the tournament. However, you can’t win footbal...

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