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10 Most Valuable Backup Goalkeepers in Soccer


As far as goalkeepers are concerned, conventional wisdom has almost always been to have one consistent goalkeeper and another much-less-heralded backup in the event of an injury to the first-choice ke...

Top 10 Highest-Paid Fullbacks in Soccer


The role of the fullback is one that is perhaps a little bit underrated in soccer: although they aren’t going to necessarily provide highlight reel goals or dazzle the crowd with their pace or dribbli...

Top 10 Highest-Paid NHLers Over 30 in 2014/15


Unlike a sport like soccer, where players usually retire once they hit their mid-30s and their playing ability is visibly on the downswing, hockey players can play well into their 30s – even their 40s...

Top 10 Highest-Paid Canadians in the NBA


As much as some might think the NBA is a largely American sport in terms of the nationality of its players, it’s well and truly a global league, with players from China, Australia and Lithuania (among...

10 Major Athletes Who Went Broke

Sports (old)

From reckless spending to bad investments to massive amounts of child support money, athletes can find many ways to blow their gargantuan salaries. Unfortunately for the 10 men on this list, they have...

Top 10 NHL Players Under 21


They might not be able to legally drink alcohol in the United States yet, but they're already earning their keep in the best hockey league in the world. Although the NHL is known for being a league th...

9 of the Worst Tippers in Sports

Sports (old)

With the obscene amount of money athletes make per week, let alone per year, you’d think most of them would be relatively generous with their cash. Think again. In fact, for some of the greatest athle...

Top 10 Biggest Summer Football Transfers So Far


Now that the excitement of the 2014 World Cup has come and gone, the eyes of soccer fans around the world can shift back to the start of the club season. Like every other summer, this one has come wit...

9 of the Biggest Tippers in Sports

Sports (old)

There are two kinds of tippers in this world: the ones who tip generously whenever they go out to eat, and the ones who are cheapskates and don’t tip enough. In the world of sports, where athletes can...

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