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David MacIntyre

Journalism student, music lover, all-around good guy.

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Top 15 Absolutely Hilarious Chinese Knock-Offs

David MacIntyre

If there’s anything that might surprise westerners about China, it’s the country’s lack of respect for intellectual property. Yes, the country’s night markets are not only known for their knock-off …

The 10 Best and Worst Athletes Turned Musicians

David MacIntyre

Although their bread and butter will always be sports, some athletes pursue interests outside of their chosen profession as well. In the case of a lot of them, that chosen …

10 Best Young Players in the MLS

David MacIntyre

The MLS may have a reputation for being a “retirement league” in the eyes of some soccer purists, but its teams have a growing prevalence of younger players on their …

Top 10 Most Surprising NHL All-Stars

David MacIntyre

There are some NHL players who are perennial contenders for places on all-star teams, and then there are others who come right out of nowhere to top the voting leaderboards …

10 Shocking Athlete/Celebrity Look-Alikes

David MacIntyre

They say no two people are truly alike. But if we’re comparing athletes to celebrities, that saying can pretty much be put to bed, at least as far as physical …

10 Former Athletes Who Have Not Aged Well

David MacIntyre

They say that when some people get older, they age like fine wine. For others, they age more like cheese that’s been left in the fridge for far too long …

The NHL’s 10 Highest-Paid Late Bloomers

David MacIntyre

Many hockey players end up making the league within just a few years of being drafted, some of them making an impact as early as their first one for their …

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