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Top 10 Scariest Video Games Ever Made

Much like with movies, the horror genre in video games is very much a hit or miss scenario. Some games can actually induce fear and cause panic, while others fail to reach the desired effect. Since Ha...


Top 10 Sexiest Female Rockstars of 2014

Though it’s mostly a male dominated field, rock music does have a number of outstanding female performers. Long after the days of Janis Joplin and The Runaways, the number of female artists has shot u...


The 10 Richest Neighbourhoods in Canada

People are naturally fascinated with the rich. Some may be green with jealousy, and some may like to fantasize about walking in their shoes for a while. With every mansion you pass by or see on the T....


The 10 Smallest Players in the NFL

Pro football is a pretty physical game. One of the game's main focuses is to hit your opponent till they fall down. Stay on your feet and the play stays alive, get hit and fall and the play’s done. Th...


Top 12 Richest Bassists in the World

They’re the guys in the background. They might not be the first ones that come to mind and they might not be as popular as their band's guitarist or vocalist but bassists are important to any band. So...

Celebrity Money

The World's Top 10 Richest Guitarists

Next to the singer they’re the most recognized members of the band. They get the solos, write the songs and craft those insanely catchy riffs. They’re the guitarists. They wield the instrument that ha...

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Top 10 Most Subscribed "YouTubers"

Since it was first founded in 2005, YouTube has become one of the largest sites on the web and THE way to share video content with a mass audience. With so much content and so many different people up...

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