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Adriano Valente

One of those people who's better at watching sports than actually playing them, I'm an aspiring journalist studying Communications at Dawson College. I love watching and writing about sports and I can't think of anything I'd rather do with my time!

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Top 15 Richest Players in the NFL 2015 Edition

Adriano Valente

The NFL is a numbers game. There’s an old saying that football is a business for both players and owners. It’s a little cliché but it definitely has some truth …

10 WWE Divas Who Dated Multiple Wrestlers

Adriano Valente

Pro wrestling is all about interesting storylines and creating a ton of controversy. While a lot of it is based in some sort of fiction, pro wrestlers do have lives …

15 Celebrities Who Are Against Same Sex Marriage

Adriano Valente

With the recent Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide in the United States. While this is a huge step forward, and numerous people in the LGBT community …

Top 15 Real-Life Wrestling Friendships

Adriano Valente

Some friendships can last lifetimes, while others can manage to stay afloat for only a few months. We tend to surround ourselves with likeminded people. However as this list will …

15 Most Promising Video Games That Got Trashed

Adriano Valente

Did you ever wonder why big game developers wait for huge conferences like E3 and PAX to announce new titles? It’s to create hype. Nothing sells games more than that. Titles …

The 14 Most Shocking Trades in NFL History

Adriano Valente

The NFL offseason period is one of the most exciting – and unpredictable – events on the sports calendar. Big name free agents are won through bidding wars and awarded …

Top 15 Worst Video Game Reboots Ever Made

Adriano Valente

Even the most successful gaming franchise has to end eventually. Every once in a while a developer will decide to try and resurrect an old classic. This doesn’t always work. …

The 21 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2015

Adriano Valente

Every year new games are showed off and teased at events like PAX, E3, Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show. Gamers then spend the time in between release announcements eagerly …

The 15 Worst Heisman Winners to Play in the NFL

Adriano Valente

The Heisman Memorial Trophy is one of college footballs most prestigious awards and easily its most recognizable.  Awarded annually to college football’s most outstanding player, there have seventy-seven winners since …

The 10 Worst Multi-Sport Athletes of All Time

Adriano Valente

It takes a lot of skill and dedicated work ethic to succeed at one sport, let alone two. Pro athletes have to be physically tough and mentally disciplined in order …

Top 15 Multi-Sport Athletes of All Time

Adriano Valente

To excel at one sport is one thing, but having the talent and commitment to excellence to stand out in two different professional sports is jaw dropping. Athletes spend a …

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