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Top 10 MLB Players Hit by the Most Pitches

What happens when you get drilled in the body by a dense, round object going 90 mph or more? Of course, many MLB players' reactions are to clench their teeth and bear the pain on their way to first ba...


Top 10 Highest-Paid MLB Pitchers Per Strikeout

The strikeout is perhaps the single most important element of baseball. It not only keeps a player from possibly getting on base but it also keeps pressure off the outfield and other defensive parts of a team.


Top 10 Highest Indianapolis 500 Grand Prizes

The Indianapolis 500 is known for being one of the most prominent races in all of open-wheel racing. Held on every Memorial Day weekend, this race in the IndyCar Series has been run 97 times since it ...


Top 10 Largest Prizes in NASCAR

NASCAR is far and away the most popular form of auto racing in North America, with huge prizes to match its millions of loyal viewers. The money making up each race's purse is generated from a number ...


Top 10 Highest-Paid "Short" Guys in the NBA

Randy Newman once said that short people "got no reason to live." Granted, being six feet in height, he probably does not know much about short people to begin with. However, one thing is for certain;...


The 10 Longest Auto Racing Tracks in the World

It's true that an oval-shaped auto racing track can be a fun place to watch a race at high speeds and in close quarters. But there's no denying that repeat-left turns can get rather predictable. While...

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