Articles by S.M. Taylor

10 Hollywood Actors With Huge Man Crushes


The man crush; it's one of the most absurd yet apt ways to describe a straight man's deep admiration for another man, with no hidden romantic intent whatsoever. A man with a man crush simply loves the...

10 Most Unreliable Actors In Hollywood


Hollywood actors have it made. They simply have to turn up on time, deliver their lines, listen to their directors, and bingo - they get handed a cheque for millions. It really doesn't seem too compli...

10 Best Dad Bods In Hollywood


Doughy dudes the world over have been enjoying their lager a little more lately, and rubbing their squishy bellies in self-satisfied delight, following a recent college Instagram account that went vir...

The 10 Deadliest Venoms On The Planet

Most Shocking

Imagine reaching into a grocery bag to unload freshly bought organic bananas - only to discover a giant, hairy spider attached to them, which turns out to be the Brazilian wandering spider, often cons...