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Soccer Stars And Their Superstar Cribs


Soccer players and their cribs go hand in hand as much as strawberries and cream. With the amount of money they make they can evidently buy whatever property strikes their fancy, and they seem to have...

Luxurious Locations For Tea Time In China


Whether you take it straight with no milk or with a dash of cream, one cannot underestimate the influence tea has had on our drinking culture. With a rich history dating back thousands of centuries, w...

Scotland's 10 Most Expensive Hotels

Most Expensive

Boasting stunning terrain and breath-taking scenery, it is no wonder that Scotland is on many people's travel list. It features more than 700 separate islands, while some of the most famous ones inclu...

Raise A Glass To The Luxurious Bars In Shanghai


Dubbed “Paris of the East,” Shanghai is the pulsating heartbeat of China’s nightlife. It pulses with the land of a thousand suns and is known for its sheer array of lavish bars. Currently, there are n...

Vacation In Expensive Belize Hotels

Most Expensive

With clear blue seas, coral reefs and a diverse array of wildlife, Belize has it all. Steeped in Mayan history, it has been making waves as one of the most up and coming travel destinations in the wor...

Shots! The 10 Most Expensive Tequilas

Most Expensive

In its purest form, tequila is a spirit which consists of the aged blue agave plant. This is predominately located in the heart of what is fondly known as Tequila, less than 50 miles of Guadalajara. H...

Relax In London's Luxurious Spas


Everyone needs a bit of pampering once in a while. After all we need to find time to recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Whether you are fed up of that long commute to work or thin...

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