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10 Most Bizarre Brand Names Ever

There are those who like to celebrate the zany, the weird and the downright bizarre. From strange surnames to fetishes, we all like a good nose about the oddities of life. Nothing could be further fro...


10 of the Most Bizarre Twitter Accounts

One cannot deny the explosion and overwhelming impact of social media on our everyday existence. Not only does this include Facebook, but Twitter is currently one of the most popular ways to engage an...


10 Most Popular Dieting Apps

We all very well know the trials and tribulations that you have to undergo in order to lose a bit of weight. Whether you want to step out in style on the beach or lose the pounds for your wedding day, there are numerous ways to fight the flab.

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The 10 Most Popular Retro Video Games

There are those of us who remember the days of Pong some 40 years ago, where those tiny pixels were de rigeur. Whether you were a fan of the Gameboy or Game Gear, we all have our favourite consoles that we spent hours over.

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The 10 Most Popular Friends Episodes Ever!

Who would have thought that the tales of six twenty-somethings in the heart of the Big Apple would transform into one of the most memorable sitcoms ever. Having burst onto our screens in September 199...


The 10 Most Recognizable Child Stars

Whether they have been plagued by failure or have struck it lucky, there are a number of different child stars that we have all grown to love. These child stars have been flung onto the red carpet fro...

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10 Things NOT To Do In A Job Interview

So you have decided to take that leap of faith and look for a new job. Or you might be in the process of wanting to change things for the better. No matter what your intentions are, a successful caree...

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10 Roller Coasters That'll Make You Scream!

Ladies and gentlemen its time to buckle up your seatbelts and make sure you are in an upright position. Whether it is attempting to do a bungee jump or launch yourself out a plane from 10,000 feet, we all love a thrill.


The 10 Most Memorable Movie Endings Of All Time

Whether it’s the weekend or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, one of the most popular activities most of us like to do is watching a good movie. They can grip us as well as inspire us with plotlines not to mention incredible dialogue and much more.


The 10 Fastest Soccer Goals Of All Time

The beautiful game can of course spring up a number of different surprises. From major giant killing cup acts where a lower division team beats a Premier League side to goal scoring records, soccer at present dominates the sporting milieu.


10 Most Illustrious Tennis Players of All Time

Everyone will have their favourite, but it cannot be denied that some of the greatest sporting moments have been witnessed on the hallowed tennis court. This sacred ground has seen a number of differe...


The 10 Shortest Managerial Careers Of All Time

When each manager decides to step into a new role, there is an initial burst of excitement as well as anticipation. The media frenzy not to mention the all-important journalist scrum in order to obtai...


10 Apps For The Savvy Traveller

Ever since the day we graced this Earth, man has grown accustomed to travelling. Whether it has been the number of different nomadic tribe’s right up to today’s businessman, this thirst for adventure never ceases to amaze.

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